Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First Snow...

We're getting our first snow as I type this.
It's a wet snow, and not a lot of it, so it probably won't last the night... still...the grass is nearly covered and I think that it counts! In honor of this Turkey Day Eve snowfall, I'd like to pay one last homage to fall, my favorite season, which doesn't last nearly long enough here in Wisconsin.

This was the view down Bell Avenue last week. It's my favorite fall street. I suppose when you live in a place long enough to identify your favorite seasonal streets in various parts of the neighborhood, that must make you an official native. I LOVE the trees on this street ... maples I think??? They always turn a bright yellow... all at the same time, creating a canopy -- a virtual yellow tunnel, which you MUST drive through, even if it's not the direction you should be driving at all. It's magnificent. Last week Monday, I was on my way to the doctor's office, when I passed by and had to take a picture. The leaves were falling like yellow snow -- heaping up on car windshields and in haphazard drifts on the ground. It was a glorious late-fall moment.


DawnK said...

I loved those yellow streets, too! Next fall, you should drive down 18th street, near Wilson and Washington. The autumn applause Ash trees are soooo pretty. Also, 17th Street between Union and New Jersey. It's the way I drive to and from South High School and it was a pretty show for a LONG time! I'm amazed that we got about 2 inches of snow!

CStaude said...

Gotta tell you... watching your Meez chase a turkey made me laugh out loud! You're sure it wasn't really a 2 yr. old little blonde guy you were chasing???