Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Peas in a pod

I love this photo of Nathan and Rhylah... too cute! Rhy and her daddy are the best of friends. I think that if she was able to ask for a pony, we'd be in real trouble! Daddy wouldn't be able to say no!

Here she is! Can you tell that she's putting on a little more baby fat? We give her formula just before bed now and she's been sleeping for 6 hours straight! Yay!!!


amy7252 said...

Wow, she already has such distinctive facial features. I'm trying to decide who she looks like, but I think my answer is still "Rhylah." :)

Colin and Elle are the same way ... some days, I swear she saves all of her smiles up for Daddy. I guess I'll have to be the "heavy" when it comes to pony requests. Sigh!

Nhia said...

How sweet! The second picture, Rhylah is in the same exact pose. It's like you cropped the photo -- or just took one right after the other! She must have been in the "sleeping-ferret" stage of her sleep, huh? :)

DawnK said...

Awww, that's so sweet. At our house, I'm the one who can't say no, except for requests for a horse!! Too expensive and too much work and responsibility. LOL! (Of course, no one ever said yes to my youthful requests for a horse, either.)

KatHarrmann said...

Amy: I thiiiiiiink she looks like Gabriel, which means she looks more like Nathan ... but it's so hard to tell yet!!
Nhia: She was indeed in "Sleeping ferret" mode! Limp as a ragdoll! So I snapped a bunch of photos. It must be said however, that Nate is indeed posing next to her .. they didn't "accidentally" end up in the same sleeping position. :)
Dawn: Yeah, my parents denied me a pony as well ... too bad! :)