Thursday, November 08, 2007

Heads up

Here is a photo of Rhylah lifting her head to look at Nathan. What a girl! She was really proud of herself, I could tell! :) The other photo is a picture of my new haircut. Nathan snapped it this morning when I got home from the salon after I enjoyed a few, relaxing kid free hours!


DawnK said...

Nice haircut! I bet it was nice to be without the kids, for a little while! That's a cute picture of Rhylah! She is getting some muscle control in her neck! It's amazing, when that starts to happen.

Nhia said...

What a cute picture of Rhylah with her daddy! Daddy's Little Girl for sure, huh? :) ... You look great too! I don't think you've had to deal with this as much as I have, but I remember making sure I went and got my hair cut just before Month 3 of postpartum hit, because that's when my hair would start to fall off. Now that I'm in Month 6, the horror has finally stopped.

marzi said...

must be something with the postpartum hormones or something......wanting to cut your hair. i just got 10 inches cut off 2 weeks ago! maybe it's just the thought of getting out of the house! :)