Saturday, March 15, 2008

Halfway there ... maybe

Well, it's been four weeks since I challenged myself to lead a healthier lifestyle by exercising and eating less junk ... with the ultimate goal of losing 20 pounds. Well, so far I've lost 10! Which is the good news. The bad news is that I think my scale is off. So, while I've still lost 10 pounds, my starting weight was off, meaning that I think I may need to lose 30 instead of 20 pounds. UGH. I'm trying to not feel defeated by this. But good gracious! How discouraging to find that your scale is 10 pounds off! I checked it against the scale at my work, and also the scale in a bathroom at a house party we were at. (am I strange, or has anyone else done this before???) So, while 10 pounds feels mighty good ... I may have 20 more to go. And I know these last pounds will be like glue ... stuck good and fast! But for now, I will keep my goal at 20 pounds. Mostly because I want to reach that goal and celebrate before setting a new one.
What has been the hardest part of this experience? Not snacking! I can't tell you the wonderful treats I have turned down in the last month! (Chocolate fondue at work for one! That was painful to ignore!) Now I've moved into the Slimfast for lunch mode, and I find that if I set aside one night a week where I allow myself to snack, then I at least have something to look forward to and don't lose my discipline earlier in the week! (Thanks for that idea Gretchen!)

Here is my primary inspiration -- little Rhylah-roo as I affectionately call her. As strange as it sounds, I want her to think her mama is pretty and working hard to stay so! Everytime I think of that it makes me run that extra mile!


marzi said...

wow! congrats! you have some major will-power! there's no way i can turn down all those treats. i've decided that i'm not going to limit the items i can eat, i'm just going to limit how much of them i can eat. i have a serious addiction to my chocolate chai tea, so instead of making it with skim milk, i'm now making it with water. (not nearly as good, but at least i don't feel so deprived.) 4 lbs so far! not too bad, but definitely not as great as you're doing! keep up the good work!

amy7252 said...

Ooh, one night a week for a snack -- what a great idea! I think I'll steal that one, since I have been DYING for something decadent.

Keep up the great work! You are inspiring me, too.

Katrina said...

Thanks gals! Yeah, there's no way I would survive a life without ANY snacks, so I MUST snack on Friday nights. I wouldn't give up the chai tea either! I kill a LOOOOT of cravings by going and drinking something fun like tea or hot cocoa in a pinch. I don't know why, but I feel like it's not as bad for me if I'm drinking it. HA!

+gmjameson said...

I am proud of you! Way to go! It's time for me to get my post-pregnancy butt in gear, let me tell ya'!

How great to be inspired for your little girl! Her mamma IS beautiful! Yeah!

Want another eating insider tip ;-) PROTEIN for your breakfast: soft boiled egg, canadian bacon or ham, etc. I actually avoid carbs entirely in the AM, but you can indluge in a complex, whole grain type deal. Leave out the white flour altogether (in every aspect of your diet!)

At least, this worked for me in the past, LOL.

Love you so!

Katrina said...

Cool! Thanks for the tips!!

DawnK said...

Keep up the good work!

CStaude said...

We're proud of you, kidlet! Rhylah-roo is blessed to have you as a mommy!

nhia said...

What a cute picture!

Read my blog -- we just finally purchased a treadmill!

And oh -- you're not weird. Every time I see a scale, even if at some distant relative's home in some random town, I will still step on that scale!