Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Easter bunnies

Gabe finds his basket!

Ash finds his basket!

Baby girl bunny! She couldn't have candy, so I bought her bunny ears and a stuffed duck for her first basket!

Miss Rhylah in her Easter finest!

My Easter bunnies!


+gmjameson said...

I love the bunny ears! Too fun! And the kids look superior in their Easter duds.

We missed you today! Made enough food for all of you to have been here, that's for sure.

We love you, so!

+Gret & Leon

DawnK said...

Awww, all three of them are cuties! Isn't it fun dressing up a little girl? I never got to dress up a little boy in stripes and khakis, though. I think I would have enjoyed that!

marzi said...

so cute! they all sat so nice and smiled for that last picture! hope you had a great easter

off to download my pics off my camera now!

CStaude said...

Totally cute!!! Esp.Miss Rhylah-Roo (or should we say Rabbit?)-Rosycheeks!!!

Missed you much much much today!

Hope the boys got their cards and enjoyed a little extra "pin money"- Miss Rhylah has something coming in a box I am sending this week!

nhia said...

You found a headband (where?)! And bunny ears too!

Rhylah looks so happy to be cushioned by her two big, studly brothers! Just look at that smile on her little pink face!

Sleepless Sabra said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of her in the bunny ears is just the cutest thing ever!