Friday, March 28, 2008

Things that baffle me this evening ...

* How you can get the songs from High School Musical permanently lodged in your brain until your want to bash in your skull with any blunt object nearby. (my kids are addicted to this movie right now)

* How, when parenting, you would actually use the words: "Get your fingers out of your hole and eat your breakfast!" (actually, having to do with holes in CLOTHING ... but still....)

* Why on earth you NEED to stir instant jello for THREE STINKING minutes for it to dissolve ... according to the box. SLOWEST three minutes in the world.

* Why the ginormous flagpole (one of the largest in the country) in Sheboygan has sat at the same stinking height for about four months as it is being rebuilt. And why it looks closer to the highway than the last one. (which fell over and could have landed across both lanes of traffic ... ummmmm ... can we say lawsuit waiting to happen!)

* Why every man looks 10 times sexier in a cowboy hat. (I'm addicted to country music right now. Yes, I'm listening to it right this moment on Check it out if you haven't ... you can design your own radio station that only plays the music/songs you like ... shameless plug)

* Why/how my oldest son found it was funny to wack my baby girl in the belly with her stuffie today to entertain himself ... and her apparently ... judging by her belly laughs ... !!!

* Why the stupid fat squirrel (incidentally, that is an amazingly good local beer, Fat Squirrel...) actually CAME BACK to our yard as of this week, despite the ongoing game of "deathwish" that he plays with our neurotic dog Roxy everytime we let her outside and she chases him down the fenceline of our yard... all...stinking...summer...long. Looks like we're in for more fun this summer.

* How opportunity can knock very loudly at your door, but you're not really sure you want to answer after all. "Maybe if we're really quiet and don't move, it will think we're not here!" Sigh!

* How one, simple "You're amazing." uttered in your direction from your dear hubby can transform a day full of tantrums, burp ups, screaming and time outs into a warm fuzzy thing of the past.


marzi said...

very funny and true! would love to hear more about the "opportunity" knocking! and the last one is just too sweet. happy weekend!

DawnK said...

What a funny collection of thoughts! The flagpole one made me laugh. The crane was there, the last section was laying on the ground. Then one day, the crane was sitting in pieces on multiple trucks and eventually disappeared, along with that final piece. My theory is that something was wrong with that final piece and they had to remake it, and no sense in keeping the crane around, while you aren't using it.

I smiled at the thought of Gabe bopping Rhylah in the tummy with her stuffie and her laughing about it!

CStaude said...

Isn't life both amazing and strange all at the same time?

+gmjameson said...

I like this post. It made me smile.

Go big fat squirrel!

Love you!

nhia` said...

The slowest 3 minutes (or 5, 10 or 20 for that matter) might have to be as one is running on the treadmill. After what feels like an eternity and you feel like Rocky having climbed those steps, you find out that only 17 seconds have passed!

Francie said...

I'm so addicted to country right now too! Isn't that weird? Do you like Taylor Swift? I have her CD on repeat.