Friday, March 21, 2008

Sick of winter in spring...

Today is the second day of spring and it snowed. And snowed. I think we only ended up getting about 3 of the predicted 6 inches they said we would get. Milwaukee however, got hammered with about 10 inches.

Unbelievable. It took Nathan an hour and 45 minutes to get home from work.

I'm a big fan of snow. But I don't want it anymore. It can all go to the place where snow goes to die and I will not weep a single tear. Ugh. I figured out why Wisconsin snow irks me. There's so much of it. You can't even send your kids out into it. If I had dropped my two-year-old into the drift that lived outside my back door like a great, sleeping white beast for the last four months, the little guy would have disappeared and I'm not sure how I would have found him again. I would have had to tie an orange flag to his head to be able to see where he was while he played in the yard. As a result? There was very little playing in the yard this winter. As a further result? We all have cabin fever BIG TIME.

Now, granted, the snow had begun to melt before today. But up until this past week or so, it was still laying about in massive amounts. I'm so sick of it.

But spring is begining to "sprung" whether we like it or not. I noticed yesterday that there are tulip bulbs peeking out of my garden. How??? I really don't know, since the weather has not really topped the 40s. You wonder if they just had a conversation down there under the dirt "It's been six months of snow, you think we can come up YET? Aw... the hell with it, let's give it a go!" And then to be confronted with THIS!

Ah, well. Tulips were never my favorite flower anyway.


marzi said...

ugh, i totally hear you. i am so over the snow. (and i'm not even a snow person to begin you can only imagine how long i've been done!)

and to answer your question: i find the time by avoiding the exercise i should be doing on my treadmill! ;)

DawnK said...

I'm totally with you! The snow could melt and it wouldn't break my heart anymore. Enough already!

On the bright side, I have tulip bulbs that are growing, too, along with some grape hyacinths, too.

In one area, I have to have faith, that they are growing under the leaves and the snow, because the snow is still pretty deep there! Ugh.

+gmjameson said...

Aren't tulips hardy? They never SEEM to be hardy when you bring them in as cut flowers for a vase, but THERE they are in the midst of cold and snow. I love it ...

Move to Missouri. It's warm here.

Er. Well. It DID Snow on Easter, but it didn't stick!

Love you+ Hang in there!