Thursday, March 23, 2006

Birthday Girl!

Well folks, Roxy "Burger" is officially 1 year old today!
We treated her like a queen all day -- starting this morning, when Nathan allowed her to jump up on the bed and snuggle with us -- she was quickly followed by Gabe and then Asher, until the entire family was snuggled in our suddenly small, queen-size bed!
During the afternoon, we visited "Pet Port of Call" at the Shops at Woodlake, Kohler, and bought her a birthday cake from the "bakery" there. (It's actually a giant cookie covered in yogurt.) We're not usually the kind of people who spoil our dog EVER, or treat her like "people," but Gabriel seemed to want to celebrate -- and began insisting on a present for her ... which quickly led to the cake and party hat.
For those of you who don't know, Roxy is named after our favorite hamburger joint in St. Joseph, MI, called "Roxy's." She's been a great dog for us, and we're happy to celebrate her first year as a member of our family!


CStaude said...

Happy Birthday, Roxy baby!
Yummy looking cake... did anyone want to share it with you?

DawnK said...

I know this is a really old post, but my daughter found it today and told me about it, so I had to come look! We don't know when Jasmine's birthday is, because she was brought into the shelter, as a stray, but we do celebrate the day she came to live with us, known in dog parts as "Gotcha Day!" We have been to Pet Port of Call twice now, buying "birthday" gifts for Jasmine. She loves them!