Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Waxing Nostalgic

So I got a phone call at work earlier tonight. It was Nathan, and both the boys were crying and upset -- Gabe was sick and feeling miserable and Asher, I'm sure, was just jumping on the 'wailing my brains out' bandwagon. And I wanted nothing more than to be able to jump in my car and go to them, and sooth my boys and be there for them as I should.
And that's when I got to thinking.
Isn't life funny?
More and more I find myself nostalgic for the simpler times, when Nate used to work just down the street and would come home every day for an hour at lunchtime and we'd be together for dinner every night. We had it very good then -- although we sure wished for more!! We were living small, planning six months in advance how to pay the BIG bills and digging for change to go to McDonald's in the sofa -- hoping the old cars would last because there was no way we could buy a new one. I remember the highlight of one Fall was when we bought our new coffee table. Our little brown coffee table!! And it was beautiful and it was new and I LOVED it!
Now, God has certainly blessed us -- with our house and our cars and countless other 'material' things ... but it's amazing how you look back with fondness at the old times you used to think were such a burden! When really they weren't! Really it was a great time to be young and poor and in love! And that's what really matters!
Anyway, I'm just nostalgic tonight! Life now is great and wonderful and truly a blessing, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but sometimes it's fun to remember the 'good old days!' and give a smile for your foolish old ways of thinking! Do any of you have some 'good old days' stories of poverty and true love to share?? :)


amy7252 said...

"...digging for change to go to McDonald's in the sofa..." WHOA! You had a McDonald's in your sofa! That's pretty impressive for two poor kids. (And kind of gross. I hate McDonald's).

"Do any of you have some 'good old days' stories of poverty and true love to share??" YES. Now, before you start rolling your eyes at "poor me, stuck living in Paris," I can assure you, we are not living the life of material luxury here!! But I do truly love my boy, for richer (I wish!) or poorer. :)

Nhia said...

I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I remember how much time John and I used to spend together doing absolutely nothing. We would just soak in the moment of spending quality time having meaningless conversations and just cuddling. Now, it's like I'm constantly in multi-task mode: Have the girls been fed? Napped? Had their diapers changed? Why does the diaper genie smell so much? How is Ella's diaper rash? Is Norah still coughing? Anyone wash their bottles yet? Why is the house so messy? etc... I, too, wouldn't trade anything I have now -- especially my girls! -- for anything, but I do get nostalgic thinking about those days of almost no responsibilities and only each other.