Friday, March 03, 2006


Here are some pictures, as promised, from our trip to the St. Louis zoo last weekend!
Gabe had a blast watching the hippos and penguins swim by! Here you can see me and Asher saying hello to a hefty hippo! And Gabe and I hanging out in "Spiderman's web" as Gabe called it. There's also a pellican, which just about took a bite out of Nathan's camera while he was snapping a picture!
On a completely different note, I feel I must do a public service announcment and warn everyone away from any product called "A Taste of Thai." I made the mistake of eating this "dinner in a box" at work last night and got, what I can only assume, is my first case of food poisoning! YIKES. It was NOT fun, and I've been pretty miserable for the past 24 hours. It has taken that long for me to get my appetite back, and my stomach is still rumbly! So stay away from Thai food in a box at the grocery store!

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CStaude said...

Great PHOTOS!!! the Pelican is my favorite!