Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Greetings everyone! Well, we had a busy, fun few days in St. Louis this past weekend! We drove down on Saturday morning and made it just in time for a tea party hosted by my mother and sister. What fun! My new favorite food is scones with clotted cream! YUM! Seriously dangerous food!! Good thing I can't seem to find clotted cream at my local grocery store! Gretchen served all kinds of different loose teas in fancy pots, and each lady got to pick her own antique cup and saucer to use while she was there! I'm seriously thinking about hosting my own tea party, after enjoying the one in St. Louis!
Then on Saturday night it was TRIVIA NIGHT! This was the first time for Nathan and I, although we've heard about this church fundraiser for years! There were probably over 400 people at the trivia night, and it was a blast. Nathan and I didn't manage to win any prizes, and our table didn't come close to winning -- but Gret and Leon's table got second place! Yay! I hardly knew any of the answers to the questions ... except one!

How many wives did Henry VIII behead? Send me your guesses and I'll announce a winner!
(No family guesses, as you obviously all know the answer already!)

Anyway, obviously I'm not too smart with the trivia since I only knew one or two answers, but oh well!!! The photo of me and Nathan was taken at trivia night. So was the picture of me, my dad, my sister and her hubby, Leon.
On Sunday, we relaxed around the house and caught up on some much-needed rest. You can see my boys being bed bugs in the photos.
And on Monday, Nate and I took the boys to the St. Louis Zoo to enjoy the 70 degree weather! That's right ... 70!!! Gabe really enjoyed watching the hippos swim around, and also the penguins. I'll post more on the zoo later!
All in all, it was a fabulous weekend!


CStaude said...

Loved the photos... glad to hear you had so much fun... we did too!

amy7252 said...

Colin says that he beheaded "only three or four wives," so I'll go with four. What do I win if I'm right? Glory on the blog? ;)


ps Cute kids!