Thursday, March 02, 2006


Well, our little man is now pushing himself up with GREAT enthusiasm when we put him on his belly! This is a HUGE relief to me, as the last few times I attempted to put him on his tummy were dreadfull -- he began to cry and didn't seem to understand what was expected of him. This only served to distress both me AND the baby, causing tears and eventually "blef," (our 'nice' word for projectile vomit/burp-up) from Ash, which soon covered the floor and then me! What a trial!
But today, I put Ash on his belly and propped his elbows under him and rattled his zebra rattle in front of him profusely, until he reared up with his head at about 90 degrees and looked at me in pure awe -- his little eyes wide at his accomplishment. In this photo, he is doing the same thing, later in the day, on Nathan's chest. His little neck is getting so strong! It won't be long before he's doing somersaults!

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CStaude said...

I love pushups when they look as cute as they do on Asher!!!!