Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Back on the Wagon

Some of you may have noticed by glancing at the rail of my blog that my workout routine has been sadly lagging.
Well, I'm back on the proverbial horse, so to speak. Yesterday was my first run in a week (YIKES!) and I only did two miles, but it's a good way to get back into it.
Reasons for my utter laziness?
Well, first of all, I found that I have hit a plateau of 12.5 pounds lost, and NOTHING else seems to be burning off. But after reading a good friend's blog recently, who also suffered this same mental setback for a week or two, I've decided to keep plugging away.
The good news is, that during my bad weeks of only one workout (each week) I still kept the weight off because I haven't really been eating junk. We don't buy junk, so even if I wanted to eat it, I couldn't. Incidentally, this is a GREAT way to avoid eating things you shouldn't. Just don't BUY them! I haven't gone down the candy/chips/soda aisle of our Piggly Wiggly in a LOOOONG time. I think of it as my personal war zone, riddled with land mines, and I hurriedly duck past it every time I'm in the store and only occasionally make quick forays into the dreaded zone once a month or so to grab a jar of popcorn kernels. (Popcorn, after all, being my-once-in-awhile, not-so-horrible treat of choice)
Anyway! I digress! Other reasons for my laziness?
Those who know me personally, know that I'm going through a lot of stress right now. My job has been moved to Oshkosh: "Cherio, oh copy-editing gig!" and I have decided not to follow it. It sounds so funny written that way -- like it's a tangible thing -- a person or something I could chase down if I wanted to. And I guess I could, but Oshkosh is a LONG commute. So I'll be staying put and doing freelancing and the full-time mom gig as of May 2.
But there's a lining to this somewhat dull cloud. Nathan has a super cool job interview in St. Joe, Michigan this weekend. We're excited about the possibilities that may bring. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers as all the change whizzes around us at such a dizzying speed!
But to get back to where I was at the beginning of this post: These things combined together have caused me to feel somewhat less than inspired when it come to jumping on the treadmill. But hopefully, (with visions of my scary body in a summer swimsuit dancing in my head! YEE GAD!!) my inspiration has returned full force! Let's hope so!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quality time on the carpet

These are just some cute shots that I took about 15 minutes ago of Ash and Rhy playing. Ash usually pretty much ignores the baby, so it was interesting when I turned around from my computer this morning to find him laying on her blanket with her -- giving her kisses, sharing his blanket with her and trying to strategically get her nook back in her mouth when she lost it. What a bunch of cutie pies!

Hanging out in a patch of morning sunshine.

Trying to get the nook back in. "How do I do this mom???"

Kisses for the baby girl.

Sharing "Yellow," Asher's precious blankie. I was shocked that he would consider sharing, even a corner of it, with ANYONE!

"See Rhylah, you can hold the blanket, and then ya gotta suck your thumb, like this!"

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rhy turns 6 months old

Here is some footage of Rhylah on her 6-month birthday! I call her my flippy fish, because ... as you can see ... she is so good at flipping around the carpet as she tries to decide which way she'd rather be. I guess it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Good day for a swing

We had gorgeous weather this weekend in the upper 50s and VERY low 60s. We used it as an excuse to get the kids outside. They spent most of the weekend out in the fresh air. It was great! Here are some photos of them enjoying the swing set once again --- like three little peas in a pod!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Feeling sunny

Okay, I bought these swimsuits for Rhylah in the dead of winter, because they were 50 percent off at Kohls and I couldn't resist! So today, in honor of the sun outside and the temps in the 50s ... so toasty! ... I decided to get her dressed up and take some photos. These suits are size 12 months, so as you can see, she's growing like crazy!

This is my new favorite shot of her! (above)

Being silly!

I think she's got a Norma Jean look to her features here (above) ... look out America's Next Top Model!!!

Here is the back of the suit -- super cute with a fancy bow! I just love having a girl to dress up!

We took this one at the end -- I love her smile! I also love playing photo shoot while her brother sleeps ... can you tell???