Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pergola ... July

My baby built me a pergola over our patio. It's made of Cedar, and built RIGHT into the cement patio! It's so wonderful being married to such a talented guy!

Summer Fun ... July

Signs of a summer, well-spent. A Life marathon. Wahoo!

Beach Fun ... July

After the 4th of July, the whole family went down to spend some time on the beach ... when it was a little quieter and more peaceful!

Fourth of July — Part 2 (Fireworks)

Fourth of July—Part 1

Fourth of July was SO fun this year! Gret visited with Ree and Sydney, and Papa and Grandma Staude arrived this year as well! We barbequed chicken, burgers and hot dogs, until dusk, and then walked down to the beach for fireworks. It was a blast!