Friday, September 09, 2016


Gabriel is playing football at High School this year! I can hardly believe he's old enough! WOW! What fun to see him out on the field, playing where his grandpa once went to school!!
He's on the far left ... warm-ups
Number 5 is Gabriel
Number 8, sixth from the front.
Number 5
Number 8

Odds'n Ends ... August

He's JUUUUST about as tall as me!
Very last trip to the pediatrician! Ha ha!
While everyone else heads back to school around the nation, we enjoy push pops ... and two more weeks of summer!!
Poor Lucca, wearing a shark costume from Meijer for a photo shoot.
Playin' pirates
Ohhhh, Roubi! You weird velcro dog!!

Day in South Haven ... August

In August, we spend a day in South Haven, going to the Sherman's Dairy Bar and the beach. The waves were so HUGE, the kids couldn't really play, but it was beautiful!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

My Football Boys

"Dabbing" ... Cam Newton style. :)

Berrien County Fair

Every summer, we go to the county fair ... it's SUCH a fantastic way to round out the summer. We eat fried oreos, we look at the animals ... we make Gabe do his llama impression and we find the "papa" bunny. (the one that is "whiskery" just like Papa Staude). This year, we had Heather and her kiddos with us. Gabe had football practice :( but he ended up going a few days later with some buddies. Nate was the only one who missed it, but he pulled his back out early in the week, so he was okay with missing the fair. Poor guy!

Visit with Heather ... August

Heather came for a visit in August. It was great to see her again and we had a lot of girlie fun, like berry facials and lunch out at Tabor Hill Winery.

Heather's new puppy.

Odds'n Ends ... August

Ash and Gabe did several editions of "Big Brother News" this summer. Here is Ash, at his "newsdesk."
America's best news team. :)
Rhy decided to turn Roubi into her own pet dragon. Roubi is very patient. ;)
We've been Olympic junkies this summer! Rhy loves the gymnastics. She's been practicing cartwheels and balance beam in the yard!
Asher handed me this while we were walking across the dunes: "Here's some Queen Anne's Lace for you mom." LOVE!!
We got rafts to pull along behind the kayaks, so that we can ALL go kayaking!