Friday, March 23, 2018

Dress Like a Book Character ... March

Rhylah dressed up as Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) for "Dress like a book character" day at school. She was SUPER excited to wear her robe and Gryffindor hair bow!

Rhy's 4th Grade Program ... March

In March, Rhylah's class presented their patriotic program ... where each of the kids presents some information about a national monument or event. And they play their recorders. (It was hard to get good photos because it was VERY very dark!) Rhy presented information about Yellowstone National Park, and did VERY well. "It's mostly located in Wyoming, but runs throughout parts of Montana and Idaho." (This was one of her lines.) :) She spoke loud and clear, and was super excited to wear my American Flag scarf to look EXTRA patriotic. Well done, my dear!

Odds'n Ends ... March

I've been working on writing some stories about my grandmother's life lately. It's been fun!

Rhy's art got chosen for the Box Factory Exhibit! Her self portrait is based on Modigliani's style of long necks and elongated faces. We love it!

Walking at Grand mere ... this cool log was encrusted with ice. It's still winter!

New Dollhouse ... March

Nathan told Rhylah that when she finished reading "The Black Stallion Returns," he would build her a  dollhouse for her American Girl doll. (He has read the book too, and he wanted her to finish it, so that they could chat about it.) :) Well, she finished on a Friday, so the very next day, daddy and Rhylah were busy making a dollhouse. Up until now, Rhy has been creating the most awesome furniture and rooms, but hasn't really had a place to PUT them ... so they've just been scattered about her bedroom. Now, her dollies have a home! And it's beautiful! She loves it!

I bought Rhy this laundry set as a "housewarming" present!

History Day Competition ... March

Asher went to Western Michigan in Kalamazoo to compete in the Districts event for National History Day. He didn't win, but my oh my, were we PROUD of him! He got up in front of two college professors and defended his project by answering tough questions ... his video was SO good! AND, the three of us (mom, dad and Asher) had a pretty amazing day hanging out in Kalamazoo together....going to a coffee house and a book store.
All the kids from St. Joe

At the bookstore

New Hair ... February

At the end of February, I got quite tired of the roots of my hair (which I'd been growing out for 8 months). The brassy blond on the bottom was making my eyes hurt, and I was eager to dye it back to my original dark blond. Who knows if I'll keep it this way ... but for now, it's a nice change!

New "do" with my new shades!

More Birthday Fun! ... February

At the end of the day, on my birthday, I decided it would be fun to go ice skating. The rink is literally right down the road. So we all went, and tried to remember how to do it! What a blast!

Katrina's 39th Birthday ... February

Mom and Dad Staude drove up for my birthday this year ... it was on a Saturday, so it was lovely to be surrounded by my family. We had a relaxing day, and a lovely dinner of sea scallops cooked by my wonderful chef husband! :) He even made tiramisu for dessert, and it was aaaaaaaah-mazing!!
New steampunk sunglasses from Nate

New retro 50's dress from Nate!

Vintage shoes from my baby!


Flowers from my parents, on the morning of my birthday. Just lovely! And they lasted almost 2 weeks!

Skating Party ... February

While we were in Milawukee, we celebrated Ree's 5th Birthday at a local skating rink. It had been a LONG time since I'd been skating! We had a super fun time.

Papa's 64th Birthday ... February

Papa was in Milwaukee, visiting, for his birthday, so we drove over too and spent the weekend at Gretchen's house. It was fun to celebrate his birthday, along with Ree! We got him a super nice coffee grinder, and a mug that says "Your fly is down" (with a fly fishing rod on it). We also got him some Yak Trax ... which attach to your running shoes to give you good tread over ice in the winter. What fun!