Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Odds n' Ends

Just some random photos from March....

This is our new bike trainer we got from Bruce for our birthdays. We LOVE it. It's so nice to be able to ride when it's cold or rainy!

The boys on "dress like a teacher" day during National Lutheran Schools Week. I tied their ties all by myself, since Nate was out of town for work. Not bad!

A cross-stitch project I'm working on for Rhylah... some mermaids, which she LOVES right now!

My 33rd Birthday

I had a fantastic 33rd birthday. Nate and I went out to dinner with Gret, Leon and my Aunt Kathleen to Grand Mere. I had crab legs (my absolute favorite!) for dinner. For dessert, Gretchen made an awesome cake with cherry frosting. It was divine! 33 ain't half so bad! :)

Nate and I, before heading out for dinner. This is the dress he bought me from Athleta for Christmas.

My Girl

Just a few random photos of Miss Rhy, from late Winter. She seems to be getting bigger and bigger every day. Sigh! We didn't put her in preschool this year, because the schedules conflicted and because I wanted her with me for one more year. I have the feeling that I'll blink, and she'll be 16!

All ready to go out, with her hair "just so." My girl sure knows how to primp and fuss over hair and makeup ... at age FOUR!!

"Decorating" Roxy. Roxy put up with this like a champ. She got brushed and gussied up for the afternoon. I'm surprised Rhylah didn't put clippies in her fur.

Bicycle Built for Two

This is the new basket Nate got for my bike. Its purpose is so that the smallest, furriest member of our family, can now go on bike rides with the rest of us. Poor Roxy gets left behind to watch the house. :) Other than a near miss we had when Lucca decided to try to jump ship while we were flying down the road, he did okay. He hasn't tried to jump out since then, but I've fashioned a cover to go over the top of the basket, just in case. Now, he's destined to be part of all the Harrmann bicycle adventures!

Gabe Turns 10!

I know it's April and I'm still blogging stuff from January, but you'll have to put up with my backlog of delayed blog posts!
Gabe turned 10 this January. TEN!! I can hardly stand it! Ten just seems so OLD! He had two friends, Max and Zane, over for a sleepover, with plenty of pizza, soda, chips and dip and video games. They had a blast. From us, he got a snow board/helmet and an ipad shuffle. Also a puzzle and the game of LIFE. Fun times.

Gabe opens his "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" puzzle.

Asher supervises the opening of presents.

This is the face we make when a gift is so awesome that words cannot express the joy it produces. :)

ipad SHUFFLE!!!

Game of Life.

A new snowboard and helmet.

Mom brings out the cake!

Putting together legos from Grandma and Grandpa Staude

Strange Winter

This Winter was one of the strangest we've had in Michigan. And apparently, it's the oddest winter they've had in a LONG time. It was almost snowless. I think I shoveled a smallish snow one time, and then in February, we got several inches in one snowfall. And that was about it. So of course, the kids wasted no time in getting outside and making a snowman, since it was just about their only opportunity to do so!

Here is the same snowman, two days later! It warmed up shortly after this. People were swimming in Lake Michigan in MARCH!!