Friday, June 26, 2009

Beaching it

Here we all are at the beach this morning!

Yes, yes, I know, I haven't blogged in a while! What can I say? When it's summer, there are too many other things grabbing my attention, like the beach, and baseball practice, and sandy kids, and lightning bugs in my garden at dusk and good books to read and ... well, you get the idea!
We discovered Tiscornia Beach, which is much quieter and more private than Silver Beach (the beach the tourists all flock to). We went yesterday and today, and are all tan and sandy to prove it! The kids had a blast! I was ready to be all stressed out with three of them, but they all stayed close and didn't try to swim without me. It was QUITE enjoyable! Asher wore his "magic coat" (life jacket) and it helps that the water is only about 12 inches deep for about 20 feet.
Anyway, we had a ball. Rhy got to chase seagulls, and despite an annoying smear on my camera lense, I got a few nice photos! Check 'em out!

Gabe and Ash work on the logistics of sandcastle building...

Rhylah trots down the beach with a sandy butt, looking for things to put in her bucket.

All three kids try to work on the sand castle.

Rhylah and her best buddy, Abby!

Rhy and Abigail!

The boys work on filling their bucket by our umbrella.

Rhy keeps cool with her sippy in the shallows.

More sippy fun! Ahhhh! So refreshing!

Rhylah stalking sea gulls. (Asher HATES sea gulls and runs screaming from them!)

Asher up close!

Camped out on Tiscornia Beach!

Silly girl!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Open Wide!

This is a photo of a photo. They actually snapped a photo of Asher's first time in the chair for him to take home. How sweet!

Asher had his first trip to the dentist yesterday.
First let me say that I have the world's BEST dentist! Everyone in this woman's office is bright, happy, cheerful and relaxing to be around. Compared to my last dentist in Sheboygan, well ... I got anxiety attacks going into that place, let's put it that way. Nathan had to actually chew out a nurse there once, while Gabriel was getting a checkup. NOT fun.
But my new doc is wonderful. The best part? She doesn't make me feel like a misbehaving 8-year-old when it comes to reminding me to floss. She simply smiles and says, "I know it's SO hard to find time for yourself with so many kids, but try to remember to keep flossing." She smiles at me with a knowing grin. I smile back and say "Sure!" We both know that I probably will floss like a demon for about two weeks and then revert back to my evil ways. But it's all good.
Anyway, my boys had appointments at the same time as me yesterday. It was Ash's first time. As the boys were watching me, before they got called to their chair, Gabriel told Ash to watch me, and explained to him, "Now, see how you open your mouth? You say "AH!" just like mom. They might poke around a little with some pokey things, but you CAN'T COMPLAIN!" At this point, the dental hygenist was laughing so hard she could barely clean my teeth.
Finally, the boys got their turn. Ash had SOOOO much fun! I remember going to the dentist as a kid and having to swish the flouride, and how HORRIBLE it tasted. I HATED the dentist office. Now, they just paint the flouride on with a little brush. No harm, no foul. Ash picked bubbled gum flavor. He was over the moon. When I finished up, I found him in the chair, making rude noises with his mouth on the air tube that they stick in your mouth to suck up the water rinse. Yep, my boy had gleefully figured out how to make it sound just like a fart. Again, the dental hygenist was practically crying, she was laughing so hard.
I'm so glad my kids are amusing to people, and that somewhere in this wonderful world are people who enjoy their job enough to make it a pleasant experience for others. Hooray for Dr. McShane and crew!