Thursday, October 06, 2016

Beach Walk ... Oct. 2

Took a 2-hour beach walk on Sunday. The sky got SO dark out west, over the Lake, but I never got rained on! The sea turned this amazing turquoise color and I found 30 pieces of sea glass, and many assorted shells and Indian beads. I even had a friendly stranger give me the sea glass they found along the sand! A good day of beach combing!

Arcadia ... September

For the second year, Gret and I zipped up to Camp Arcadia for their annual women's retreat. WHAT a relaxing weekend!! We spend time reading, being lazy, eating phenomenal food, attending great seminars and devotions, looking for sea glass and having late night picnics on the porch till 12:30 a.m. ... one of my favorite quotes from the trip was something I said during one of these picnics when we couldn't find a knife, but Gret assured me we'd be fine with just a spoon: "You don't eat BRIE with a SPOON!!" Ha ha!! Super fun!! We're already planning to go again NEXT fall.
acting goofy on our way up north
Finding sea glass. I'll never forget Gret's yelp of joy upon finding her first EVER piece!

Day out with Aunt Kathy

Kathy and I spent the day in Indiana, visiting an AWESOME garden center and eating lunch at "The Flippin' Cow" in Elkhart, IN. My burger was the "Stella Moo": a double steak burger topped with smoked brisket, smoked bacon, onion straws, pepper jack cheese and an alehouse BBQ sauce on a toasted wheat brioche bun. Ummmm....SERIOUSLY yum!!!!
Fun decorations at the garden center
There were also animals ... loved this angora-ish rabbit
The Stella Moo!!!
We stopped at the store my great-grandparents used to patron for their German foods!!
It was like stepping back in time!!

Odds'n Ends

I made a birthday card for Rhylah ... very early, but I was bored. :)
Biking to get the kids from school, the wind was blowing my skirt, so Nate tied a Rock in it, so I'd be safe!

VERY last beach trip ... Sept. 13

This day was AWESOME, because I spent 2 hours in the morning, hiking along Grand Mere with the dogs, finding over 20 pieces of sea glass. Then, after school, it was so hot out, that I took Ash and Rhy to Silver beach for ONE LAST SWIM. (Gabe had football practice...poor guy!) What a day!!

Odds'n Ends ... September

Rhylah LOVES to wear the shawl Grandma made for her!
Biking in Paw Paw, after church!
Love this guy! And his spandexy legs!!

2nd to Last Beach Trip ... Sept. 7

We were still beachin' it in September! This was our 2nd to last trip ... We miss it SO much during the long months of winter!

First Day of School ... 2016