Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tree Hunt, 2015 .... Nov. 29

We went to a new place for a tree this year ... Badger Farms in Lawrence, just outside of Paw Paw, where our new church is. We LOVED it. We had a little old farmer who drove the team of Belgian draft horses (Chap and Pete) and the wagon that took us out to the acres and acres of trees! We had SO many to choose from! And while we miss the quaintness of Bredeweg Acres, the trees there were getting very short and scrawny in recent years. So then we went home, put on an Amy Grant record, opened the eggnog, and decorated the tree! What a fantastic day!

Thanksgiving 2015

This year, we went to Milwaukee for Thanksgiving. We had lunch at Bruce's and dinner at Gret and Leons, where mom and dad Staude were visiting ... we we got to see EVERYONE! What a weekend!!

November Hike with my Baby

Nate took the whole week of Thanksgiving off, so we were able to spend Monday and Tuesday together, while the kiddos were in school. Yipee! On Monday, we went to see the last Mockinjay movie for only $2.50 a ticket in Niles. Then on Tuesday, we went hiking at Grand Mere. It was wonderful to spend some alone time together!

Asher's 10th Birthday: Evening

For Asher's dinner, we had ribs and cheesey potatoes ... and fruit salad. It was awesome! We got him Garfield comic books, garfield and Odie stuffies ... Jurassic World lego sets, a few books he wanted ... a nerf gun, a new watch ... and of course the BIG gift was his new Bianchi bike, which he got a few weeks ago so that he could ride it a bit before it got too cold out.

Asher's 10th Birthday: Snow Play

Rhy made the first Harrmann snowman of the year, and Roubi had a blast playing with Keith and Katie's great dane, Andre.

Asher's 10th Birthday: Morning!

November 21! It's Asher's 10th birthday! This year, Keith and Katie and their three kiddos came for a visit on the weekend of Asher's birthday. So we had a blast hanging out! He opened some presents in the morning ... including a leather journal "from Bilbo" (because it looks like the journal from the Hobbit movie). For lunch, we had paninis and then played and played in the first snowfall of the year!