Sunday, May 31, 2009

Field Day

Gabriel had his annual Field Day last week. For all those non-Lutherans out there who may be wondering what this is, it is a chance to let the kids in all grades run races and relays etc.
Nate had the day off, so he was able to shoot lots of photos. Gabe came home with an envelope full of ribbons and a huge grin. His favorite event? Hurdles!

Long Jumpin' Gabe! (He got third place in this event.)

Run Gabe! Run like the wind!! I love how his blond hair is flyin' in this photo!!

Doing the hurdles! His favorite event!

Gabriel takes a look at his ribbons after the events.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dinner in the Sand

It was in the 80s today, so we made our first trip to the beach tonight after Nate got home from work. It was WONDERFUL to get out in the sand and sun again! We picked up a bag of cheeseburgers from McDonalds and just sat on our butts in the sand, letting the kids run all over. Rhylah LOVED the seagulls ("BURD!" she would yell, before chasing them merrily along the beach) and she loved the water even more. Which means I'm in big trouble this summer if I ever try to take all three kids to the beach by myself!


Mr. Gabriel, looking older every day!

Rhylah in her cover-up and bling. Yes, she put on these beads herself, before we left the house.

First toe-dip in Lake Michigan!

Little Girl. BIG lake!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Day in Our Yard

We spent all day today working in our backyard.
It's our first Spring in this house, so it's been really fun watching the perennials pop their heads up and wonder what's going to bloom. Lucky me, I have entire patches of Lily of the Valley, which is one of my most favorite flowers! My whole garden bed in front of the house is a sea of little white bells right now.
Nathan spent the day on the roof, trimming trees. The boys had a blast watching the big branches tumble down two stories to crash on the ground. Roxy was having fits, she was so excited.
Rhylah helped me plant a big batch of perennials that we got over at Aunt Kathy's. I got a bunch of plants, including Day Lilies, regular lilies, mums, coral bells and poor man's Orchids. The really cool thing about these plants is that they all come from my grandmother's farm, and some of those, she got from HER mother ... which makes them fourth generation plants, fifth generation for my kids. Heirloom perennials are SO very cool. It makes the flowers that much more special when they bloom.
Anyway, as I was working, Miss Rhylah had fun poking her head through the lattice in the back garden, which I lovingly think of as our French Quarter garden. It reminds me of something out of New Orleans, all overgrown and crumbly, with the plants pushing against any man-made object as if trying to take over.

Asher and Rhy play peek-a-boo in the lattice of the back garden.

Miss Rhy says hello.

The blooms on our butterfly bush on the side of the house are gorgeous!

Nate trimming the trees!

Sorta timeless in black and white.

Lily of the Valley ... I love these happy little bell-shaped flowers, and they are EVERYWHERE in my yard!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Misty, Foggy Run

This is the North Pier Lighthouse on a non-misty day, but I didn't take the picture.

So I know I've been a complete blog slacker lately. My only excuse is that for the last few weeks I haven't been able to find my camera battery charging cord. The other day, Rhylah opened one of the french doors in our dining room and there it was, stuffed behind the door.
This will be just a short post.
I ran in a 5K race near Tiscornia Beach Park this morning here in St. Joe. I did it just for fun, since I haven't been training or anything. But I really enjoyed it, because I haven't really explored too much on that side of the river yet.
It was a misty foggy morning and the highlight of the 3-mile run was when we ran right out by the pier, and you could see the North Pier lighthouse looming in the mist and fog. It was amazing!
Anyway, I finished 244th out of like 700 people, although a lot of them were walking, so that's hardly worthy of mentioning. But it was great to get out and stretch my legs, even it if was a little chilly and rainy!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Opening Day!

Yesterday was Gabe's opening day for baseball. He was SOO excited...this kid LOVES baseball. And me? Wellllll, I wasn't really looking forward to spending FIVE hours out in the hot sun, but it turned out to be much more enjoyable than I expected. (Also, Nate spent the majority of the day out in the hot sun while I was home with napping kiddos ... we joined them at the park after nap time!)

Let me tell you about Wells Field, here in town. They spruce it up for Field Day, when all the kids, even the older ones, are playing at the three different diamonds. But the Rookie field is literally like something out of the movie "The Sandlot." And it's right in our neighborhood. I love it for its slightly run-down charm. I can picture Gabe biking there with his friends when he gets a little older, and playin' some ball in the summertime.

Anyway,they started the afternoon with hitting, running and fielding competitions. They use a pitching machine, so it takes some skill to hit the ball. Nate called me all excited when Gabe made a great hit and was one of the few kids to run THROUGH first base, (instead of hopping right onto it in childlike glee). Let me tell ya, this kid is SERIOUS about his baseball. (Check out his stances in the following photos.)
Anyway, after the competitions, they took turns playing the field and batting.

Finally, they finished by taking a team photo. Gabe absolutely LOVES wearing his uniform, as I'm sure you can tell. I think it makes him feel like a pro! (Although, as a die-hard Cardinal fan, I'm having a REAL hard time cheering "GO CUBS!")

Our newest little player. I feel so old, now that I'M the one sitting in the lawn chair watching the baseball games like my folks did for me. Gabe's first official game is tonight.

Look at that serious little face!

Gabe got to be "pitcher" in the scrimmage. Since they have a pitching machine, all he had to do was stand near the coach, who was feeding balls into the machine ... and wear this snazzy mask. He caught one grounder and threw it to the first baseman during scrimmage. It was awesome!

Taking the plate. You can see one of his assistant coaches in the background. I've been really pleased with the coaches he ended up with. They're really friendly and helpful, yet they are already really working the kids and pushing them.

Ash tries out the bat. He's already been telling me that he wants to play baseball like Gabe next summer. Too sweet!

Asher looking like Mr. Cool at the playground next to the fields.

Rhylah was all decked out in hat and shades for the day. I think she looks stylin'!

Rhy and mamma.

Just a cute photo Nate took of me and the kiddos after church (before field day started).