Friday, June 25, 2010

Random Cuteness

Here are some random pictures of Miss Rhy, being her cute self this summer. There's also a shot of Asher that makes me grin!

Hugs for friend Olivia, who came to visit two weeks ago!


Chillin' out in her new shades!

Eating cereal in the morning ... note that she's already ready to go to the beach.

I just like this side profile shot of her.

"Oh daddy! I'm gonna steal a bite of your omelet while you're makin' coffee!"

Eating daddy's breakfast. This girl has a thing for snitching eggs!

I think of this shot as Asher's "Risky Business" shot. Love those shades!

At the beach ... we live there during the summer.

Hanging out in the beach chair we got Nate for father's day.

"See that boat, mom?"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Delayed Last Day of School Photos

Here are some backlogged photos from Gabe's last day of school. He looks so grown up!!

Yes, Asher is wearing his pajamas. He was in true summer spirit, and insisted on wearing them all morning, even during Gabe's drop-off at school.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Ash's Last Day of School

Asher wrapped up his school year at the end of May with a fun picnic at Eaton Park. Luckily for me, Nathan had the day off work, and I was able to go without other kidlets in tow. It was nice for Asher and I to have some quality time together. We had a blast! I can hardly believe he's movin' on up to 4K next year!

Me and Asher at the park.

Hanging out. :)

How many preschoolers can you fit on the lily pads??

Asher and his buddy Carson.

Asher and his teacher, Mrs. Kern. He looooooves his teacher!

Playing around on the playground.