Saturday, August 04, 2018

Bicycling Boys ... August

Asher has been cycling like crazy this month! A few days ago, he did a 41 mile ride! WOW! He and Gabe went on a long ride one day, together ... which was fun! He's discovered the joy of strava, and trying to beat your own records. This means that he also takes epic shots of his bike while he's out and about the countryside. These are so much fun to find on my phone! :) Nate's also been riding with him. I find all his bicycle selfies on my phone when he gets home. Too sweet!

Hike ... July

We hiked thru the woods trails of Grand Mere with Grandma, Papa, and Marlowe. Marlowe LOVED the water!

July Odds'n Ends

We installed an outdoor shower ... books by the beach ... and riding lessons continue, bareback style! bliss!

Beachy Keen ... July

Spent a lovely evening on Tiscornia beach with Grandma and Papa. The sunset was gorgeous and Asher made me a mermaid tail! :)

Dragons Downtown ... July

This year, the downtown sculptures are knights and dragons. We found our favorite ... Pete's Dragon.

Mmmm ... jam! Black Gold ... July

Picking Black Caps ... July

We picked blackcaps while Papa Bruce was here to visit ... at Stover's U-Pick ... I haven't made black raspberry jam in YEARS! Black Gold!! I'm pretty excited! So is Asher. :)