Saturday, January 08, 2011

More Christmas Photos

My mom and dad with all their grandkids.

My parents.

Me and Gretchen open presents.

Pretty girls in pretty dresses!

Rhy all decorated with her princess "gear." :)

Nate got a very cool kitchen cleaver/knife from my folks ... it will be great when he cooks!

Ash got a Buzz Lightyear laptop from Grandma and Papa.

The Jamesons!

The Harrmanns!

There's a Christmas walk on old historic Main Street every year, where people dress as all the different Santa Claus's of the world etc. Here we are, enjoying the walk and meeting the Scottish Santa.

Trying to keep warm on a COLD night on Main Street!

Christmas 2010

We had a fantastic trip to St. Louis for Xmas this year. These are just a few of the many photos that I took. I'll probably have a whole extra post with grandma's photos as well! We left on a Tuesday morning (Xmas eve was on Friday) and headed south. Nate bought an extra cool hitchy-ma-thingy that hooked onto the back of our car and held a ton of extra luggage. He was pretty excited about it. :)
On Christmas Eve, we enjoyed our traditional feast at grandma and papa's house. Nate made potstickers and we had raw beef and onions, shrimp, cheese and sausage and a TON of other yummy treats. Aunt Kathy came with us and it was SOOOO much fun to have her along and share our Christmas with even more family! We had a fantastic holiday!

Asher performs as a shepherd in his school program at Christ Lutheran, just a few days before we left for St. Louis. He did a great job!

Nate does an amazing job fitting all our STUFF into the car to head south.

All the kids packed in and ready to go!

Rhy gets bored in the car as Roxy looks over her shoulder.

Asher opens a gift on Christmas Eve.


Unwrapping presents!

Rhy got a 3.5 foot tall Rapunzel doll from Aunt Kathy, and a matching dress for her, from me and my mom. She was SOOO excited!

Gabe got Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Mario Kart from Aunt Gret and Uncle Leon.

Playing with toys on Christmas Day while waiting for a super yummy dinner.

The kitchen was busy with people chatting, cooking and helping out.

Dad made an amazing cured ham that took six hours to bake. It was sooooo good!

Everyone sits down to dinner at Gret and Leon's house.

An English tradition, we all opened crackers after dinner.

Each one included a paper crown that HAD to be worn!

The day after Christmas (it was a white Christmas, if you can believe it!) we all went sledding and such a fun time! I'm not sure what is going on in this photo or why Nate is grabbing my dad's ankles ... I think it was a sledding chain.

Dad and Leon, being goofy.

Everyone trudging back up the hill.

A tackle of Harrmanns/Jamesons.

Gabe gets a face full of snow.

Dad and Aunt Kathy went sledding for the first time in 40ish years.

My handsome sledder being funny.

Gretchen and my boys go for a sled.

After Christmas, and back home, Rhy plays with her new doll.

Trim up the Tree

Here are some fuzzy photos of us decorating the tree and the house. You'll have to forgive the out of focus quality of some of them ... my camera is better at taking photos outside.

We made a new advent "wreath" this year out of a log. I couldn't find a wreath that I liked, so Nate drilled some holes in this birch log and we were ready to go!