Friday, January 27, 2012

Giving Thanks

We spent Thanksgiving in St. Louis this year.

Asher builds a model car with papa.

Papa gets cookin'!

The kids get busy with some crafts.

Asher's Official Birthday

Here are some photos from the OFFICIAL big day! (We had his party the weekend before his actual birthday). Ash requested BBQ ribs for his birthday dinner. Aunt Kathy came over, and we spoiled him rotten with gifts.

Everyone licks the chocolate icing off the candles.

A Playmobil knights and dragon set!!

A Crayola glow/drawing set

A PaperJamz rockstar guitar ... this is the gift he REALLY wanted! Now, he can jam with Gabriel.

Playing knights and dragons.

What a ham!

All kinds of Randomness

Here are a few random photos taken in November.
I got the chance to visit my sister. We met in Chicago and stayed at a swanky hotel, and had a blast just browsing through downtown together. If I hadn't been so stinkin' sick, it would have been a lot better, but it was still a great time!
Also, Nate and I attended his Christmas work party in November.

Me in the Windy City. It was actually quite pleasant while I was there. At least the FIRST day ... it was in the 50s. The day I left (this photo was taken on my walk to the train station) it was only 40 or so. Brrrr!

Me and Gret at Lego land. Mostly, we took this photo to make my boys jealous. We're so mean!

A random photo of Katrina.

Me and Nate, on our way to the JohnsonRauhoff Christmas party.

Decorating Dad

Nathan fell asleep watching football. This was how he woke up. Rhylah, the mischief maker, had been busy! Here are the facebook comments! (There were 14 "likes")

JANET ORTEGON: What, no lipstick? No sparkly eyeshadow?
KATHY HUSTER: The balloons are a nice touch
CLAUDIA STAUDE: Way to decorate daddy, Rhy!

Asher's 6th Birthday Party

I'm still two months behind in my blogging, so here are the long awaited photos from Asher's 6th birthday. We had all his school friends over for a party. They had SUCH a blast! I can't believe he's six already!

Mom with the cake!

Everyone sings to Asher.

Party games! How tall a tower can you build with 20 marshmallows and some toothpicks??

Blow the ping pong ball into enemy territory to win! No hands!!

How many 6-year-olds does it take to make a pizza??

Making pizzas!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Pretty Princess

In November, Rhylah discovered my wedding crown in the big chest of keepsakes at the foot of my bed. She begged me to let her wear it and to curl her hair and make her look beautiful. (I told her she's always beautiful, but she insisted!) So we had a lot of fun playing dress up. Although seeing these photos makes my heart ache ... in the blink of an eye, she'll be all grown up!

Cafe Harrmann

So, I have to say it. The best coffee in town is made in MY kitchen. Nathan whips up a mean cappuccino whenever I get the craving. It is sooooo yummy!

Headband Cuties

My mom started an Etsy store, and one of the things she makes are these adorable little knit headbands. I found a pattern and begged her to knit me and Rhylah a matching set. They turned out SUPER cute!!

Me and my Mini Batman

Here are Lucca and I at the downtown Halloween fest. I made a tiny cape and mask for him for the occasion. He was adorable!

Trick or Treating

Our crew!

Trick or treating at the Coars' house!

Snakes! I hate snakes! Nate is in his traditional Indians Jones garb.

Cutie pie!

Me and pirate Asher. This is his third year as a pirate! (not consecutive however)

Gabe went as Harry Potter ... the big excitement was that I bought him some wash-out hair dye so that he could really look the part!