Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rhylah's first EVER Day of School!

In September, my little girl finally started school. It was a BIG day! She was so excited to finally be going to school, just like her big brothers.
She wanted curls for her first day, so as soon as we woke up, we got busy!
Rhy and her teacher, Miss Meyer.
Walking into Christ Lutheran!
Such a big girl!
Putting her name on the apple tree!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

First Day of School! (For the Boys)

The boys started school the day after Labor Day. Rhy had to wait an extra day, which was torture for a little girl starting her VERY first year EVER!
Asher started FIRST grade this year! He was so excited to go to school all day!
A first grader and a fifth grader get ready to start their day at Christ Lutheran School!
"Here little brother, I'll show ya how it's done..."
Getting his stuff organized in his desk.
I had to sneak a picture of Gabe, since he didn't want me to take too many photos! He has Mr. Farrand for a teacher again this year.
Asher and his teacher, Mrs. Young.

Random Photos

Here are a few random photos from the end of the summer. We visited St. Louis on Labor Day and just had a fantastic end to our summer. It went fast, but everyone is excited to start school!
Everyone at Frankie Tocos in downtown St. Charles on one of the last nights of summer vacation!
Nate gets "decorated" by Rhylah while trying to take a nap. I think he looks lovely. ;)

County Fair: Part 2

This girl's gonna own a tractor someday! Watch out!
Me and Rhy on the Ferris Wheel. This was her favorite ride. We had to do it twice!
Ash on the Ferris Wheel
Rhy on the motorcycle ride.

County Fair: Part 1

In August, it's always time for the County Fair. It's a lot of fun, but also kinda sad, because we know our summer is winding down, and school is just around the corner!
Love this photo. Even though Asher looks like he's about to explode. :)
Asher's buddy Kale had a cow at the show, so we got to get up close and personal and scratch her back.
LOVE love loooove this photo! The goat looks like he's grinning!
Baby goat! Just a few hours old!
Asher's favorite animals were the goats. He desperately wanted to take one home!
Me and my kiddos.
Asher and Rhy LOVED riding the roller coaster, which surprised me, since Rhy was so nervous of rides at Disney just a month earlier!