Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Family Portrait

Trip to St. Louis

A few days before Christmas we headed down to St. Louis for Leon's ordination. What a wonderful time! We were involved in the service: Gabe was the crucifer, and played the drums with Nathan on a song. I played flute on a song that Gretchen sang. It was such fun! We also got a chance to wander around Main Street and take in the holiday atmosphere.
We just liked the sign on this place. So we had to take a picture.

Rhy's Christmas Pageant

One thing I love about Christmas time is all the programs the kids are involved in. We videotaped the boys old fashioned Christmas pageant, because the lights were mostly off during the entire performance and we couldn't get good photos. Here are some pictures from Rhy's performance. She was an angel.

Decking our Halls

When I was growing up, the girls always decorated the tree. Me and my sister were pros at it. By the time I was in high school, with Gretchen out of the house, My dad would set the tree up, put on the lights, and then it was just me with a box of ornaments and a glass of egg nog. My kids have always been so excited about setting up the tree, but this year I lost one. Gabe sat with dad and watched football while me and the Littles put up ornaments. It doesn't really matter, but it's a sign of growing up, I suppose. Sigh! :) I hope to hold Asher hostage for another few years ... and of course, I'm hoping Rhy sticks with me for the long haul. :)

Christmas Present from Grandpa

Oh boy! Our basement is turning into "BIG KID" land! Papa Bruce sprang for a Fooseball table AND an air hockey table for the boys for Christmas. They are seriously excited about it and spent a good amount of time breaking in the new tables tonight. It's weird to see all the baby toys slowly disappearing from the basement, replaced by other stuff. Kinda makes me sad!

Oh Christmas Tree!

Nate's dad, Bruce, was up for a visit this year when we got our tree. Actually, we lured him up here as bait, so that his house was empty and Keith, Shea, Courtney and company could get in and do some redecorating as part of our Christmas present to him. We went back to Bredeweg Acres this year, off Rocky Week Road. Our tree was a Douglas Fir, about $45, and was fantastic! After two months, it hardly ever shed any needles!

Two Buddies

Here are my two buddies, hanging out and watching TV together.

Turkey Day

This year, for the first time in a long time, we spent Thanksgiving at home, just the five of us! It was completely relaxing and we put out quite a feast! The turkey was amazing and we ate till we were bursting!

Asher's Birthday-Part 2!

Here are a few photos from our celebration of Asher's birthday at home. I can't believe he's SEVEN already! Wow! Where does the time go? He is very much "into" the Avengers right now, so most of his goodies from us had to do with Iron Man. He got an Iron Man/Avengers puzzle, an Iron Man arm shooter, an Iron man chest reactor thingie and several other fun things!

Asher's 7th Birthday Party

We do birthday parties for the kids every other year, until they're in about third grade, when we encourage them to just invite one or two friends over for a slumber party. This was Asher's year for a party, and he was thrilled. His class is a mixed first and second grade class, so there were a few more boys to invite then there have been in previous years. We played games, ate cupcakes and had pizza. It was a blast!
Everybody at the table!
Asher, playing pin-the-star on Captain America
Nate, Asher, Jared,(rhylah) River and Kale ... everyone likes to huddle up when it's time to open presents!