Wednesday, January 13, 2016

FIRST snow day! Jan. 12, 2016

The kiddos enjoyed their first snow day of the year on Tuesday. They were SO ready for it (even though we just had Christmas break). The day was spent reading and relaxing and playing video games ... and playing outside of course! We went sledding on our big hill in the ravine and Rhylah was FINALLY brave enough to do it! She's always been too scared before ... but I took her down the hill with me first and then she was fine! She even set the record for the longest run, using the purple "bullet" sled. Yay! Then it was home for homemade hot cocoa and more snow play. Roubi loves wrestling with the boys in the snow. She really thinks she's part of their "pack." It's too adorable! We also took a "snow selfie" while we were out. Poor daddy had to go to work. Bummer!

Odds'n Ends - December 2015

I think I did four puzzles this Christmas break .... mama puzzled as we watched 23 hours of bonus features on the Hobbit Extended Edition DVD (that we got the kids for Christmas) ... we spend DAYS just lounging around watching this ... eating....puzzling.....reading...playing Xbox was wonderful. There was even one day where we pulled our mattress downstairs (a tradition of ours) to sleep by the tree, and the next day, all five of us just spend the day piled on the mattress and couch being lazy. ALL. DAY. LONG. Awesome!! (Oh, this is also a photo of Lucca with his "Big mean kitty" that papa and Grandma sent him in the mail .... they thought it would be much larger (it was intended for Roubi). Rou still gutted it within an hour...poor Lucca!

Christmas 2015: Part 3

In other news, Gabe got a Ukelele! Papa got a pocket constitution and the kids all got nerf guns, so at one point, someone yelled out ... "Kids! Hold up your weapons for a photo! And Papa, hold up the second ammendment!" Funny!
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Christmas morning!!
Roubi hasn't quite woken up yet!
Dad goes in with a headlamp to assemble a toy.

Christmas 2015: Part 2

I think this is the 4th year that Rhy has worn the dress I made her waaaay back when she was five! She really really wanted to wear it again this year. Made my heart melt.
Gabe, doing his best Grumpy Cat impression.
Me, watching my family as they unwrap goodies.

Christmas 2015: Part 1

We spent Christmas at home again this year ... a habit we are beginning to enjoy. Papa and Grandma Staude joined us for Christmas Eve (and several days beforehand) so that was a LOT of fun. Our feat was AMAZING: Grandma Alice's chicken wings...potstickers, cheese and sausage, raw beef and onions, little smokies.....shrimp, cookies, sparkling juice and so much more! Our tree was from a new tree farm near our church in Paw Paw (Badger tree farm) and we think it was the prettiest one we've EVER had ... not to mention that it barely shed any needles!! (And yes, in the photo below, Gabe is wearing a box ... he was making a storm-trooper outfit.) :)

Toy Dilema-December 2015

When Roubi can't decide WHICH toy to grab, she grabs BOTH. Too funny!

Spoon Candle Project-December 2015

Nathan helped me put together a project I've been wanting to do for awhile ... antique spoons wired onto barnwood with a little tea-light ... we put several up near the windows of our kitchen. I love them!

December Sunrise-2015

Making Stockings-December 2015

I've been helping out with Gabriel's Buildier's Club (Key Club) at Upton. This month, they made stockings for kids in foster care. What a great project! I was so proud that my boy was chosen to work the sewing machines because he does so well at sewing! Those are some life skills, right there!!