Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A taste of Childhood...

My sweet Asher was so adorable in the backyard the other night ... enjoy this short video I made in salute of my sweet munchkin!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Garden Time!

We planted our garden this past weekend. For me, this is always the big signal that summer is just around the corner. To get down in the dirt and dig around is pure bliss! This year, we tilled up a new section of ground, behind our garage, for our plants. I'm hoping that my veggies produce better this year than they did last summer ...

My boys monkey around in the hammock while I work.

This is the handsome garden boy that I hired for the summer ... he works for kisses. ;)
Seriously though ... I couldn't have a garden if my sweetie wasn't so kind as to till it up for me. I'm so glad we bought this rototiller a few years ago!

More boys, horsing around. They like to pretend they're pirates and the hammock is their ship.

A blurry shot, but you can see that even Roxy is blissful in the springtime grass.

Rhy is, of course, dressed up as a princess EVEN outside. Here she is whining at me to help her put on her slipper.

My little basil/flower garden. There's thyme, tarragon and rosemary in there too.

Happy plants in their rows ... tomatoes, zukes, eggplants, peppers, yellow squash, Brussels sprouts and lettuce.

Just a random, pretty flower in my yard.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Night at the Ball Park

Gabe is in love with baseball.
On facebook this week, I shared the story of what happened at his game last night.
Gabe walked up to the batter's box, pointed his bat out to left field, and called his shot. I groaned and hid behind my hands, muttering to myself "What is he DOING???"

Gabe is a big fan of Babe Ruth, or as he is called in our household ... "The Great Bambino." So of course, I wasn't ALL that surprised to see my 8-year-old son mimicking the great sultan of swat on his little league field.

To my utter shock, Gabe cranked the very first pitch out into left field, beyond the left-fielder's position. Nathan and I cheered like crazy idiots and had a good laugh.
Afterwards, he seemed surprised that I was so shocked by his play. Only Gabe could pull off such a move, with absolutely no gloating at all ... he had simply done it. And that was all.

These photos aren't from last night's game, but they still give you a sense of how my little slugger looks on the field. And my mini slugger too ...

Gabe gets a piece of an incoming pitch.

Playing shortstop, his usual hangout.

Runnin' hard.

My little girl can't help wanting to be part of the action.

Can I play too???

Saturday, May 15, 2010

An Evening Together

The other night, we walked down to Lions Beach and enjoyed playin' around. Nate took some AMAZING photos (my hubby is so talented!) including the awesome new photo at the top of this blog, which is now hanging over our fireplace. Enjoy the photos!

Three siblings head to the park.

Asher just got all his hair cut off today, so I'm really enjoying this photo!

Handsome boy!

This is what pure joy looks like.

Up a hill and home again.

One last look back.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Little Fish

When Gabriel started baseball this year, I promised Asher that he could pick one activity to try. He picked swimming.
This was a great choice, since he loves the water but doesn't know how to swim. The lessons are held through my mom's club at a discount rate through the local YMCA.
Enjoy these photos of my little fish!

Asher gets a face full of water.

Happy in the pool. Ash always has the biggest grin on while he's swimming. He LOVES it!

Another big smile for mom.

Sitting by the pool with his bubble. The kids wear these "bubbles" on their backs, which I guess can be slowly deflated as they get better and better.

Swimming back and forth across the pool. I'm not really happy with how blurry these photos turned out. I guess I'll have to hire Nathan to shoot photos one week!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Little Sluggers

Baseball fever has become a raging epidemic at our house.
Even Rhylah has decided to get in on the action.
For two years now ... just as the snow begins to melt (which is usually mid April, in Michigan...) my oldest son, Gabriel, has gotten the itch to play baseball.
This is his second year, and he's quite the talented little player. (And no, I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom.) His first official game is tonight (more photos of that to follow) against the Yankees. He usually plays shortstop or first base.
If current levels of interest are any indication ... Asher and Rhylah will also be starting ball in a few years!

My kids like to play quick games in our tiny backyard ... here, Asher is playing catcher for Rhylah's at-bat.


Gabe, looking so cool! He's not a Cub this year ... this is his jersey from last year. This year, he's a Diamondback.

Rhy is all ready to go. I love her toes in this photo ... not sure why...

Gabe helps Rhylah with her stance. What a great big brother!