Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Random Rhylah

Here are some random shots of Rhy from the past month.

Dressing yourself up with random items from your dresser can be great fun!

Drinkin' hot cocoa ... through a straw.

Stickers from your godmother on your baptism birthday ROCK! I'm not sure why she decided to decorate her nose with them ... I think maybe she was just so tired as she zoned out watching DORA, that she probably didn't even notice what she was doing.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Christmas Tree Hunt 2010

We went to Bredewig Acres to get our Christmas tree today. We were going to go yesterday, but decided to hold off until the snow struck today ... it makes for such picturesque photos!

My boys take time out to tackle each other in the snow. Boys will be boys.

Gabe had a blast making snowballs.

Gabe gets a snowball in the face. I didn't want to post this, because it looks so terrible, although all the boys were laughing afterwards. But Nate and Gabe made me promise to put it up, because they think it's so "AWESOME!" So here it is. :)

Rhy carefully made a snowball, just like the boys, and sneaked up behind the boys to throw it at them. However, her aim was several feet off the mark, and she ended up falling on her butt in the snow. The boys had no idea she had even tried to get them. Poor girl! :)

Me and my Rhy girl.

Lookout behind you Asher! You're about to get a snowball in the noggin!

Daddy and Rhy walk out into the deep snow, in search of the perfect tree.

My handsome hubby by our tree.

The Harrmann tree for 2010 -- a Douglas Fir ... $38.

The boys watch in fascination, as daddy cuts down the tree.

Nate solves the problem of the lack of tree carts.

WHEN CHRISTMAS TREES ATTACK!! Yes, we were feeling silly, can you tell?

It takes all three Harrmann "men" to haul in the tree. ... men return from the hunt with their "kill" :)

By boys.

By the barn.

Asher takes aim.

Asher takes a snowball fight break by the barn at the tree farm.

My three kiddos!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Asher's Birthday

Asher had his first EVER birthday party this past weekend. He turned five on Sunday, and we celebrated by inviting all his little guy pals from school over to the house for a Toy Story 3 -themed party. They had a BLAST! You'll have to forgive the quality of the photos. I was single-handedly running things since Nate was out of town (although he arrived home just at the end of the party, so he didn't miss out on all of it!). Luckily, Gabriel was my videographer, and we got a lot of cute footage of the event.

Party guests enjoy chocolate cake and ice cream.

Mr. Ash was at the head of the table. He wore his blue paper crown, which he got at school, for most of the event.

opening presents.

Viking gear from "How to Train Your Dragon".

The only person who loves that movie more than Asher is Gabriel, who wasted no time trying it out.

Still goofing around with the presents while dad shoots some video.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Gabe the Basketball Star

Here are just a few blurry photos of Gabe's first game! They beat St. Paul's, Stevensville. My camera battery died at the game, so I'll try to post better photos later.

Monday, November 01, 2010

My Little Spooks

We had a fantastic time trick or treating last night on Forres Avenue.
Gabe was a creepy phantom ... he got SO many compliments from people on how cool and scary his costume was. Ash was Woody the cowboy from Toy Story. Rhy was a priness of course. Enjoy the photos! Most of them are of Rhy simply because the boys took off so fast, and stayed a full house ahead of us most of the time. I guess we're just old slow-pokes!

My three little spooks.

Walking down the street. I love how Asher is blazing a trail through the neighbors nicely rakes leaves. That's so Ash.

Rhy grins, ready to trick or treat!

Handsome Indiana Jones accompanies us, to keep us safe from rolling boulders, giant spiders and other hazards. :)

Indy and his princess.

Trick or treating!

I love how you can see how busy the street is here ... Forres Avenue was PACKED!

We ran into SO many people we knew. Here is Rhy and her best buddy Abigail, also dressed up as a princess.

Rhy and mommy

Gabe looks super scary as he trick or treats!

Formerly cute pumpkins made SCARY!!

We had to wait until Halloween DAY to carve the pumpkins this year, due to the fact that Nate was out of town, and didn't get back till Sunday, and I wasn't about to do it all on my own. (Although, for the record, I ended up carving all of them except Asher's spider/web ... I blame the Packer game for that.) :)

The boys rip into their cute orange gourds.

I absolutely LOVE Gabe's face here ... priceless!

Rhy gets ready to clean out her pumpkin. She ended up not doing it. What? A princess dirty her hands? I don't think so!! :) Dad ended up called in for pumpkin gut clean-out patrol.

This is my quickie pumpkin this year ... the puking pumpkin. Yeah, yeah, I know ... sort of juvenile, but it was easy (and BOY were my hands aching after carving Rhy's bat and Gabe's scary clown). And the boys got a kick out of all the pumpkin vomit. Lovely. I aim to please.

All four of our scary pumpkins. (Nate didn't carve one for himself) You can tell that Gabe is getting into the scariness of the holiday this year. Not only was his costume scarier than usual, but his fanged clown pumpkin seriously disturbed me as I carved it out for him. True, it's a pattern, but YOWZA! Rhy was easy, she just wanted any bat we could find. :)