Thursday, February 16, 2012

Biddy Bear

It was finally time for Asher to be a biddy bear this year! He attended the six-week basketball camp offered at the high school this January, and had SUCH a blast!

Just dribbling along!

Super smiley Ash!

Waiting for his turn during a drill.

Getting ready to take a shot!

Veggin' Out

I caught Asher watching TV in the oddest position the other day. Check him out! I don't know how this could possibly be comfortable. Ya gotta love little boys!

New Year's Eve

We were in Wisconsin over New Year's. We ended up going with Bruce to the Phillip farm; the Phillips are close friends of the family. There were about 100 people there and we spent the night playing bingo with the kids, picking out prizes, and eating like crazy. The kids stayed up all night, and at midnight, we sang praise and worship songs for over an hour as a huge group. It was an incredible way to ring in the New Year!

Asher won some tools during a round of bingo. Here he is trying to prove how strong he is. "I ... WILL ... OPEN ... THIS ... CLAMP!!"

Me and my sweeie on New Year's Eve.


Christmas Morning

Look at all that loot!

Nail polish for my girly girl!

Flashlights for the boys from daddy.

Markers for my budding artist, who LOVES to color!

A strap for Asher's rockstar guitar!

Christmas Eve 2011

We celebrated Christmas at home this year, which was delightful. We went to early church and then headed home for the traditional "feast" ... a buffet of appetizers and finger foods. We had cheese and sausage, raw beef and onions, pot stickers, chicken wings, and so much more! On Christmas Day, my folks made it up for a visit and were able to stay for a few days, after which we headed to Milwaukee to visit with the Harrmann clan.

Rhy was sooo excited to wear her new headband for Christmas. I was excited that I bought her Christmas dress for $15 this year!

The Christmas FEAST!

Asher loved the raw beef and onions ... he's a brave boy!

Rhy tries to sneak a peek at the presents under the tree.

A new puzzle for my little puzzler!

A real pirate telescope for Asher!

A new biking jersey for daddy from mom. He also got biking shorts and a new bible with his name engraved on it.

a Tiana barbie for Rhy

Even Lucca got a gift!

A bumble, or abominable snow monster, from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. It proceeded to be his favorite toy for several months, even AFTER he chewed the squeaker out of it.

The kids in their new jammies from Grandma Carol. All ready for bed!

Cookies for Santa, and a carrot for the reindeer!

Deck the Halls!

After getting the tree, we spent a fun afternoon decorating it. Unfortunately, I bought hallogen lights, which looked dreadful, so I decided, a few days later, to completely REdecorate the tree with better lights. But it was still fun! I felt like my boys were getting old, because this was the first year that Gabe opted out of decorating, choosing to lounge on the couch watching football with dad instead. Sigh!

Putting up the star, with a little help from dad!

My happy helpers! These two didn't poop out on mom!

Christmas tree 2011, take 1.

Rhylah got her wish to "decorate the tree again!" when I decided to restring the lights. She LOVED it!

Christmas tree 2011, take 2! I think it looks much better this way!

Finding the Tree

We went to a new tree farm this year, since our old one closed down. They had horse-drawn rides out to the fields and free hot chocolate afterward. We bought a Norwegian Spruce for only $28! I was impressed, until we got it in the house and it started shedding needles like crazy! AND, whenever we touched it, it caused a bumpy rash-like reaction. Oh well. It was still beautiful!