Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Additions to the Turtle Tank ... April

Well, I decided the turtles looked bored. :) So I bought 6 fish to liven things up a bit ... 3 orange guppies and 3 "Dalmation Mollys". Once I put them in, the turtles DEFINITELY livened up! I've never SEEN them so active! So far, everyone is getting along swimmingly. :)

Lucca's 6th Birthday ... April 25

Well, the little fur baby is 6! That means he's finally older than Nathan .... in dog years, that is! We biked him (in the basket) down to Fuzzy Butts, for the obligatory birthday treat.

A Little Shakespeare ... April

Rhy LOVES the new movie, Beauty and the Beast. In one scene, Belle is reading Shakespeare to the Beast. So one afternoon, she asked for our book of Shakespeare ... which is HUGE. I found it on her desk after she fell asleep ... I think she was attempting to make sense of it. Such a cutie!

Beachy Fun ... April

Fun times at Grand Mere and Lyons Beach this spring!

Nate's 41st Birthday ... April 17

Happy birthday, dad! He got biking socks, 2 books, a beard care kit, including some awesome some beard oil, cycling shorts and some chamois butter! He also ordered a new jersey with money from mom and dad. We had a FUN fun day!

Easter 2017 ... April 16

Dying Easter Eggs ... April