Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Disney Trip: Part 2

Disney Trip: Part 1

We got the opportunity to go to Disney World this summer ... our very first "official" family vacation! We went with my mom and dad and Gret, Leon and Sydney. It was amazing good fun!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fourth of July

Papa Bruce stayed for the Fourth of July. We made a big picnic and hiked down the Silver Beach, as usual. We didn't get down there until almost 8:30 p.m. since the fireworks don't usually go off till after 11 p.m.! We had a great time swimming around, shooting sparklers and eating, waiting for the big event. The show was pretty short this year, but we were days from heading off for our first trip to Disney World, so nothing could dampen our enthusiasm!

July Visit

In July, just days before the 4th of July, my folks and Nate's dad all came up for a visit. We spent a lot of time enjoying the beach!
Love this shot of my Rhy girl.
Find the girl in the chair, I dare you!


This is a photo of Rhylah and Abigail. Abigail, the daughter of my good friend Natalie Nahorski, lives just down the street and has been Rhy's best friend for the past four years. We met in Mom's group and our daughters have loved getting together for play dates ever since. This summer, the Nahorskis decided to move to the Detroit area. Both Rhy and I are very sad to lose our good friends. It will be hard to see them go. But I'm thankful for the blessing they have been in our lives!

Fishin' Harrmanns

Here are some photos from when I took my kiddos fishing at North Lake at Grand Mere State Park in late June. We didn't stay long. But I will always remember standing there in the peaceful afternoon and hearing a SPLASH that made me jump. Asher had somehow managed to fall in the lake. For no apparent reason. We usually call him "Chet" when he pulls stunts like that, because my grandpa Chet was something of a klutz. The accident surprised him, but he was otherwise unharmed. Later, Aunt Kathy was visiting my Uncle Carl in the nursing home and told him the story. She asked him to guess which child fell in the lake. He sat there, shook his head and said, right away, "Asher." (he was probably remembering the story of Asher taking an accidental swim in the baptismal font when Rhy was baptized.) So funny!!

Baseball Fever

Every year, we spend most of May and June on the baseball fields over at Wells Field. This year, Asher was also playing on a team, so we were TWICE as busy. There were days when both boys had games and Nate and I would camp out inbetween the outfields of the two fields and keep an eye on both games at once! Gabe was a Brewer and Asher was an Athletic. And both boys made their all-star teams and played into July at various tournaments. We were busy busy! But it was a blast!