Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cozy Evening ... December

My girl, my fireplace, my new bicentennial copy of Walden, my coffee, some wizard's chess .... feeling blessed.

Michigan Mittens ... December

My gift from my sister! Love 'em!

Tetherball Set from Grandma & Grandpa ... December

The kids got a tetherball set from Grandma and Papa ... it was a great thing to keep them busy over Christmas break.

Christmas Day ... December

The triple chocolate cheesecake I made to go along with our prime rib dinner

Christmas, 2016 ... December

We were supposed to go to St. Louis for Christmas this year, but my sister got diagnosed with breast cancer .... so plans changed, and my folks visited her on Christmas Eve, and came our way for a few days on Christmas Day. We're hoping to all be together again soon.