Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Manistee Trip ... June 9

The day after school got out, we headed out to Manistee, with Sydney. This year, we couldn't do the whole loop (North County Trail and Manistee River Trail) because the bridge was out, due to construction. So instead, we hiked in on the MRT side, and camped at our favorite spot for three nights, doing small day hikes out ... up to the suspension bridge, etc., during the day. We spend one whole day doing NOTHING, just swimming and playing, eating, reading and drinking coffee. It was bliss! This year, we had a bald eagle living nearby, who flew overhead several times a day. Just gorgeous!

Last Day of School ... June 8

Last day of school! Woot woot! Gabriel is finishing his sophomore year. Asher is finishing 6th grade and Rhylah is finishing 4th grade. Gabe and his buddy Mason even had a celebratory bonfire to burn the notes they took at school. Ha ha ha!!! No, really, we had a GREAT year!