Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finding joy in "NOOOOO!"

My sweet little baby girl has uttered the dreaded "N" word. I was blissfully going about my day on Monday, when from out of her lips came a defiant "NOOOOOOO!"
Now I'm trying to be positive about this. No doesn't ALWAYS have to be a bad word, right?
"No, I don't want to smoke or do drugs."
"No, I don't want to go out on a date with you."
"No, I don't think my mom is uncool..."
There are a thousand useful ways that she can use this new word. With pushy boyfriends. With a boss who wants to overwork her or friends who want to abuse her generosity. When surfing the home shopping network channel.
Oh God, who am I kidding. Life is going to be pure hell for me now that my little angel can look at me with defiance in her eyes, and instead of nodding yes (Which was all she knew how to do BEFORE her brothers taught her this magical new word...) she can shout out "NOOOOO!"
I guess foot stomping comes next in the girlie list of "Things to know how to do in a temper tantrum."

Monday, March 23, 2009


When we went down to St. Louis last week, Rhylah got a chance to hang out with her cousin Sydney. This is always so cool, because Sydney will be the closest thing that Rhy gets to having a sister, and they're just about the same age.
I had a hard time getting good photos however, because my daughter was being somewhat bad tempered, unlike sweet Sydney, who was being a darling. Here are some photos...

Monday, March 16, 2009

I did it!

Well, this weekend was the big five-mile St. Paddy's day run in downtown St. Louis. And I did it! Actually, even better than that, I did it COMFORTABLY!
The morning was clear and crisp and PERFECT weather for my first race. About 9,000 to 10,000 runners showed up, which was a record crowd.
My dad and I set a pace and stuck to it (Nathan stayed with us most of the way, until he got a burst of energy at the end and zoomed ahead with those tall-guy legs of his!). Once we got running, and chatting, and people-watching (let me tell ya, there were some CRAZY people out there!!) the miles seemed to FLY by! I could barely believe it when we finished, it went SO FAST! Since I enjoyed it so much, I'm actually thinking of doing more races. Not because I'm competitive, but just because I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment. I think there's a run here in town this summer, and I might just have to go for round two!

Me and mom and dad, clown around before the race starts.

Nate and Dad walk in front of us as we head to the registration tables. I just really liked this shot, with the arch and the early morning light. Sometimes I really do miss St. Louis!

More morning shots ... as runners begin to congregate.

Me and my honey, who was my biggest fan through all of my training AND the race. Thanks sweetie!

Pinning on our super-cool numbers.

The mob gets ready to bolt. It sorta felt like the Oklahoma land rush. Or ... what I imagine that would have felt like. LOL!

The four runners! What a fun morning!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The price of juicy eyes...

Okay, for those of you who aren't aware, I've been having eye problems for ... well, pretty much since my daughter was born. I have always been a contact wearer ... but all of a sudden, my poor eyes were getting all red, inflamed and painful whenever I tried to put the darn things in my eyes. Doing some online research of my own, I wondered if I had chronic dry eye, and found a pricey eyedrop called Restasis, which actually TEACHES your eyes to produce more tears. I took my information to a local doctor, who ignored my recommendation, and put me on steriods.
After 18 months, tons of money, three doctors, about five or six kinds of steroid drops ... plus having suffered through two or three iritis "attacks" which virtually left me blinded in daylight and in EXTREME pain ... I think I may have reached the end of my long road.
What do I have? A condition called Thygeson's. And the magic cure-all drug? You got it. Restasis. Hmmm... you don't say?? Golly gee, maybe I'm not as dumb as I thought I was. I nearly laughed when my current doc finally put me on the magic, juicy-eye drop.
The results aren't supposed to take effect for a couple weeks. I've been on it about three weeks ... and MAN ALIVE have I been crying! I know the drug doesn't mess with your hormones or emotions (at least I don't think it does...) but what happens is this ... everything that maybe made you get a tiny bit sad or even happy before ... is now accompanied with tears. Tears. And more tears.
I cry during commercials. I cry watching my kids give each other smooches. I cried like a bawling infant while reading a book last week. (This is new for me, books don't usually get to me like that.) I cried during the graduation scene of High School Musical Three yesterday (yikes). I cried during my morning ritual of reading CNN.com today. I cried last night when I messed up a pancake on the griddle while making dinner. I cry whenever the least little emotion comes my way, because my tear ducts are hyper-spastic, ready to leak at a moment's notice, all in the name of keeping my eyeballs moist and happy and, most importantly, non-red and pain-free.
And it's working! And it's worth it, I must say. (I HATE wearing my glasses). But it does take some getting used to. WOW. Yesterday I was sitting in the living room watching my husband play wii with Gabriel and realizing that the only time I've seen him flat out cry, was our wedding day. (He gets teary sometimes during sappy movies, but that doesn't count!) The man hasn't cried in 8 years. For someone like me, who now puddles up during heartwearming VISA commercials, or televised Michigan tourism promos, that is something incredible indeed!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random Stuff

Here are some random photos from the past week...

We went to Milwaukee last weekend. Here is how Roxy, who rides in the very back of the SUV, likes to travel.

Here we are shopping with my great gal pal Heather, and her daughter Olivia, who is almost 2! Asher enjoyed holding hands with her, but when I ask who he's going to marry, he still says "Norah." (his friend from back in Sheboygan)

I broke down and bought a cute little suit at Baby Gap for Rhy. Too sweet! Here she is modeling it for me, even though it was like 20 degrees outside.

Mommy and Rhy watch the boys play at the park during a warmish afternoon on Wednesday.

My boys seem to draw out the "pack" instinct in whatever other boys are on the playground. Within minutes, Gabe has a talent of drawing them all into his games ... here are Gabe and Ash and some random kids playing.

Three cuties on a bench!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hoodie Girls

Me and my girl in our hoodies on Monday.