Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Lucca!

Lucca's birthday was April 25. And what would a birthday be without a treat from FuzyButz pet food bakery downtown? We walked him down and bought him a bon bon for his big day. Then of course, since they didn't have any party hats his size, we had to make our own and take some photos. (We subjected Roxy to this same treatment on her first birthday). He put up with me for awhile, but you could tell he was less than thrilled about it. :) I can hardly believe it's been a year since this little cutie came into our lives. We never thought we'd be a two-dog family, but he's such a little sweetheart! Happy birthday Mr. Lucca Puccini. "Oh no, I shouldn't! Too many calories!"

Nate's 36th Birthday

Of course this happened April 17 ... I'm still two months behind in my blogging! Nate had a fantastic 36th birthday. I got him a coffee tamp and some biking stuff (a shirt, a hat, etc.) and made a chocolate velvet cake from scratch. It was a great day!

Tea cup bird feeders

These are the new tea cup bird feeders that I made for my yard. I saw them on a Google search and just loved 'em! Nate got some copper pipe and some end caps. I glued the cups and saucers together (I scored a set of 9 cups and saucers at an estate sale for $1!!) and then glued them to the endcaps. Voila! The birds LOVE them!