Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trip To Jollay Farms

Asher's Preschool class took a trip to Jollay Pumpkin Farm last week. Rhy got to tag along, and she actually fit right in with the other kids. It was so cute, to watch Asher insist on holding her hand as he kept tabs on her throughout the day! The kids took a hayride out to a field, where they picked out a small pumpkin. Then it was back to the barn to watch apple cider being made and have a snack!

Going on a hayride ... still holding hands.

Cute little hand-holding.

Entering the field of pumpkins. Actually, the pumpkins had already been harvested, but the people at the farm scattered loose pumpkins about so that the kids could feel like they were "picking" one.

Finding that perfect pumpkin.

So excited!

Ash finds his!

My two cuties!

The three of us.

Finding our Pumpkins

Later in the day, after our hike (see post below ...) we found a cute little pumpkin farm. We had a blast picking out pumpkins, apples and seeing ducks, turkeys and other barnyard critters!

Mom helps the kiddos decide on the perfect pumpkin.

Rhy picks a pumpkin. This little white one is the pumpkin she ended up with.

Mom picks a pumpkin!

Asher with a small pumpkin. He ended up choosing a much bigger one! :)

Farmyard friends!

Rhy gets tired and wants "up!" with Aunt Kathy!

Impromptu Hike

One weekend, late in mid-October, we went on a drive thru the Michigan countryside with our Aunt Kathy, just to see what we could see ... and hopefully scare up a good pumpkin. We had a wonderful day, and one of the things we enjoyed was a random hike in the woods. Here are some photos of the hike, with photos of the pumpkin patch to come ...

Leaf Play

One of my kids' favorite fall activities is making a leaf pile ... especially a leaf pile right under the tree swing. It doesn't even have to be a BIG leaf pile, as long as there is enough to roll in, tackle each other in, and throw in each others' faces. Ahhh, childhood!

The boys tackle each other in the leaf pile.

Swinging girl!

The boys are in that leaf blizzard ... somewhere!!

Visit with Family

Here are some photos from our visit with family while they were up here the weekend of Rhy's birthday. We spent a day in Saugatuck, enjoying the Fall colors. It was WONDERFUL!

The cousins climb a tree.

I love the texture in this photo!

Nate and I grabbed some gelato while the kids weren't watching, and sat on this park bench to enjoy it!

While lounging in the park, I got a lap-full of kiddos!

Papa flies Rhy

More flying ...

Four cutie pies.

Belated Birthday Pics

Forgive my game of catch-up here as I post a few entries of photos that I'm behind in posting! First, some more photos of Miss Rhy's third birthday. My folks were in town, as well as my sister and her daughter. So we got to have a big family dinner on Friday night. I made homemade chicken enchiladas and Rhylah had a blast opening all of her presents. The highlights were a Twisted Disney princess barbie, a Belle princess barbie and an Aurora princess dress from grandma and grandpa, plus much, much more! She made out like a bandit!

Rhy and mommy

Such cutie patooties!

Sydney and Rhylah ... what a team! :)

The traditional shot of mom with the birthday cake!

Blowin' out the candles!

I just LOVE this smile on her face as Ash and Gabe reach for candles to lick.

Opening presents!

Belle Barbie!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A few extras

Here are a few extra shots from Rhy's photo shoot.