Thursday, December 14, 2017

When Football was Life .... Decemeber

We don't have cable. So sometimes, when the Packer game is on, we have to get out the old fashioned radio, pull up the antenna, and listen to the static-y wonderfulness that is WTMJ 620 AM from across the lake. I caught these shots of Asher, absolutely UNSTAGED ... his team hasn't been doing too well this year, since Aaron Rogers has been out, injured. The first shot was taken just before the interception, in overtime. The second shot (him celebrating) was taken just after. The Packers won the game because of that interception. Go Pack Go!!

Oh my!! ... December

Nate and I joke that he's almost always shirtless in our house .... even in winter. Well, sometimes, because of the way he's sitting, or the placement of a table ... this sometimes yields humorous results. As you can see below. He IS DEFINITELY wearing shorts. It just ... doesn't ... look like it. Ha ha!! The kids and I rolled, we were laughing so hard!

New Vanity ... December

Speaking of snow ... Nate drove through all that snow on Saturday to drive up to South Haven and buy me the most perfect Christmas present ... a 1930s vanity that I fell in love with when we were antiquing the day before. It's SOOOO gorgeous, and reminds me SO much of my great-grandmother's vanity, which I always admired when I was little. It looks tremendous in our 103-year-old house!

First Snow! ... December

Well, we didn't get a day off school, since most of it hit over the weekend, but we DID get our first significant snowfall ... about 6 inches! We made snow ice cream and had homemade cocoa. WONDERFUL!

A Day to Ourselves ... December

Nate took a day off work and we went up north, towards Saugatuck, to do a little shopping, have some lunch, and basically enjoy a few kid-free hours. It was delightful! Plus, we got to stop at one of our favorite coffee houses ... uncommon grounds ... and at one of the best places to get a pastrami sandwich ... the farmhouse deli. YUM!

Early Xmas with the Jamesons ... November

STILL the same weekend!! After visiting Nate's family and doing "Girls on the Run" we headed on over to the Jamesons' house for an early Xmas get-together with my side of the family. Super fun!

Girls on the Run ... November

The same weekend that we went up to Milwaukee, I ran a "Girls on the Run" 5K race with my god-daughter, Olivia. She did SO good! It was right by Miller Park! Afterwards, I gave her a surprise ... a silver 5K necklace for her to wear. Such a great morning!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Early Xmas in Milwaukee ... November

We went up north this November for an early Christmas get-together with Nathan's siblings at Shea's house in West Bend, WI. It was great to see everyone.

Shea is the dog whisperer!

We got Ezra a treasure map and spyglass. Here he is saying "All I have to do is follow this red line!!" SOOO cute!

A cowboy hat and hoodie from Papa Bruce