Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trip to Chicago!

I had the pleasure of getting out of town for a day this weekend! On Sunday morning, I took the train from Michigan City into Chicago (only $6.50!!) and spent the day with my sister, Gretchen, who was in town for a meeting. We had SUCH a blast! Pizza at Giordano's, walking and shopping in one of my favorite cities, sushi for dinner, and then a fun movie! The best part? No little ones to herd around. No one to keep track of, except myself, for a whole 24 hours! It was a great time!

I look a little lost here, but I'm not!

Me and Gretchen at Giordanos! YUMMY PIZZA!

My beautiful sister!

A strange, yet familiar statue. :)

There is a feature/statue/work of art called "The Bean" in Millenium Park. It reflects the entire city! So very cool!

Here we are by the bean!

Gretchen, reflected in the bean. You can also see me taking the photo.