Thursday, September 26, 2019

Random September

New dishwasher!

Any pants, dad? yes, of course! It just doesn't LOOK like it!


We used the old tooth fairy pillow for the last time last night. Rhylah lost her last tooth. I used this same pillow as a kid....and we’ve gone from leaving glitter fairy dust on the window (toddlerhood) to an honest discussion of what the heck mom does with all those teeth? (Today) I’ve planned ahead with crisp dolllar bills, I‘ve scrounged for quarters in the couch or the laundry jar at the last minute ... heck, I’ve even borrowed $$ from my older kids to pay the “fairy fee” ...but I’m proud to say, that I rarely forgot. And for 60 baby teeth (3 kids), that’s not bad!! Good memories.

Watching a movie with buddies, Gabby and David

Rhylah got to be in a Meijer photo shoot!

Dinner out at Northshore Inn! Mmmmm... burgers!
Rhy made this in Mrs. Lopresti's english class/6th grade

Reading Hobbit on a fallish day.

Doggie Love ... September

Caught Roubi snuggling with Gabe, upside down, the other day. Too funny!

Playing Together ... September

I don't know if it's because they're now in the same school ... but Asher and Rhy have been getting along SUPER well lately. :) From drawing together to playing "Dark Crystal" ("The Age of Resistance" just came out on Netflix) outside together ... they have a blast!

Asher's drawings

Asher's drawing

Rhy's drawings

Cello ... September

Rhy is playing the cello in orchestra this year. In fact, it's her favorite class of the day! We rented a beautiful cello that she gets to keep here at home, for practicing. Isn't it lovely! We love listening to her practice! The deep, mellow tones "make my toes tingle!" (said Rhy) :)

Cross Country ... September

Asher is running cross country again this year, and loving it! He loves being in a sport where you can compete against yourself by trying to get a better time at each meet ... he also loves "picking off" other runners, right near the finish line. We love watching him!

First Day of School ... Sept. 3

How did the summer end so fast? It always, always does! This is a BIG year for our family! Gabriel is a SENIOR. Asher is an 8th grader! And Rhylah is starting junior high as a sixth grader! For the first time in a LONG time, mom won't have to drive anyone to school! Whoa!! Go get 'em kiddos!