Monday, June 13, 2016

Strawberry Picking: June

Papa and Grandma came for a visit in early June, and we were able to go pick strawberries together. The weather was gorgeous and the berries were small, but sweet. We also picked sweet cherries. The weather was in the 70s ... wonderful!

90 Degrees Already!: June

It's been in the 90s during the first few days of summer! We're resisting putting in our air conditioners because we didn't use them at ALL last summer ... but we may need to put them in soon! But the good thing is, Lake Michigan is our own personal air conditioner! SOO brisk and delightful!

Sprinkler: June

In a lot of ways, I think this will be Gabe's last summer of acting young. I know that sounds dramatic. But, he IS starting high school. His life is about to get a LOT larger and more grown up. (In fact, as I write this, he has just biked up to the high school for his first high school activity ... football practice/weight lifting ... and I'm suddenly feeling very old...) But when he's with his 10-year-old brother and 8-year-old sister, he can sometimes get away with acting younger. Often, I have to just stand around a corner and secretly watch (and photograph) these moments whenever I can ... simply because I know they are numbered. I LOVE it when the three of them play together. It makes my heart happy. On the last half day of school, they played in the sprinkler. All three of them. It was 90 degrees out, so Gabe was happy to join in. And I was happy to snap a photo!


Summer is not yet 3 hours old, but the bat and ball are in the grass, the football has been tossed, the sprinkler turned on--the air is heavy with sunshine & fat, drowsy bees... and the memories of one's own childhood summers come thick and fast: bare feet, a fort in the trees, a new neon swimsuit, a porch light that turns on when it's time to come home...ah, summer!!

Last Day of School! June 10

FINALLY!! It's the last day of school! I'm SOOOO thrilled...almost as much as the kids! :) These guys bring love and life and chaos back into my home every June-August, and I LOVE that! I miss them so much when they are gone all day!! HUZZAH!!
Now we have a FRESHMAN, a third-grader and a fifth-grader!!

Gabe, doing his best St. Joe "BEAR" impression.

Pool Party: June

Asher's big end-of-the-year party was a pool party at his teacher's house. I chaperoned, which I think made Asher nervous...but I was very cool, so it ended up being just fine. ;) We all hiked up to Ms. McFall's class and then took turns swimming and playing kickball with the other class. Then we had a picnic and swam some more and had relay races. It was a great day, and several boys were calling me "MOM" by the end. SO much fun!!
Ms. McFall's 4th Grade class

Asher and his teacher, Ms. McFall, who we LOVED this year!

Asher and his best buddy, Charlie.

Wedding: June

We recently went to Milwaukee for Amber Pfenning's wedding. It was a beautiful, but windy, day!! We stayed at Mark and Shea's house, which meant that the boys could hang out with Seth and Rhy could see Abbie.
Cousin Sleepover!

Playing SORRY with Abbie

On the bluff, at the wedding

The whole family!

Gaber's 8th Grade Graduation: June

Gabe graduates 8th Grade this year! CRAZZZZY! How can he have gotten this old already!!?? They held an honors/awards ceremony to recognize all the kids, and Gabe got to stand up for the President's academic's award, wrestling, Builder's Club (like Key Club) and football. It was a wonderful evening, and a bit bittersweet!

dressed up from items in the photobooth

First Beach Trip: Memorial Day Weekend (May 30)

With temps near 90, it was time for our first trip to the beach on Memorial Day Weekend. It was SLAMMED! But we all went under the water! It was crisp, but not unbearably cold! Welcome, Summer!!