Tuesday, September 22, 2015

County Fair ... August

County Fair time ALWAYS means summer is slipping away! :( But oh, how fun it is to go, and see all the animals, and eat junk food and ride rides till you feel your deep-fried oreos will come back up again! LOL! Rhylah was on the cusp this year ... a bit too big for the kiddie rides, and just starting the big kid rides. Gabriel took her on her first one ..."Surfs Up" which was a slow, stand up ride that rocked back and forth. SHE LOVED it. Then she wanted to get brave and try the big swings, which always make Asher and me scream in terror. (see the photo). Nate joined us in the evening, biking over to Berrien Springs after work. The midway at night, is always so much fun...so colorful and vivid! We had a great time!

Big Brother News ... August

Gabe and Asher have been making editions of what they call "Big Brothers News" ... a goofy, spoofy news segment, which features them doing funny voices and making videos... "The weather is weathering and the weather is weathering NOW!" Here is a photo of them in their gear, AND a photo of them at the news desk when we visited the Children's Museum with Ree. I think they may have a future in news casting!!

August—Ree Visit!

In August, Ree came to visit for a week while Rhylah went to Camp Arcadia with the Jamesons. We had SO much fun... going to the carousel, the children's museum, the beach, and the ice cream shop!! We also went to National Night Out, so she could see all the fire trucks (and get our usual shot of Asher trying on the firemen's gear!) Asher especially, enjoys having Ree over to visit. He adores her, and it's so sweet to watch him pushing her in the swing, or pulling her in the wagon. SO sweet! (we especially loved how she sang "Ba ba Black sheep" on this visit! It was awesome!