Friday, August 03, 2012

Bookin' It

So I went out on a limb, and put my first novel, MER up for sale on Amazon's Kindle. It was a big decision, and I was very excited. Nate helped me BIG time, by helping me put up posters around town. Here is one of my posters at the Phoenix cafe in Benton Harbor. What fun!

Beach Fun

In summer, of course, it's officially time to hit the beach! After five months of winter, our family is always VERY ready for beach season to begin. Most weeks, we spend at least two evenings swimming and playing, not to mention Nate, who plays sand volleyball throughout the summer! This time, we got to get on the beach in May, which was nice!

Biking Beauty!

We took Rhy across the street at the end of May, and let her try riding her big girl bike, without the training wheels. She was nervous, but still tried it! She actually did really well! I was proud of my little munchkin. Especially because it's hard for her to try scary things, but she stuck her neck out there and tried it!
Oops! She fell down! But it's nothing a hug from daddy can't cure!
Off on her bike again!
Gabe and Asher had fun riding around while we were working with Rhy.

Happy Birthday!

Celebrated our Aunt Kathy's 60th birthday on May 9. We so enjoy living close enough to enjoy eachother's company all the time! :)

Opening Day

May 6th was opening day for the boys. This year, I have TWO ball players! Asher is playing in the Rookie league, while Gabe, who had the option of moving up to the Little League (with real pitching) decided to stay down for one more year of experience in the Minor league. Opening day was full of contests and games. Asher won a medal for his age bracket in batting. And Gabe won a medal for throwing.
My baseball boys!!
Asher is a stellar batter! You can hardly tell it's his first year!

Rummage Sale Finds

(may 2012) I went to a chuch rummage sale across the street and scored a few GREAT finds! Check it out! I got a headboard and a desk for Rhylah's room ... for only $3 each!
Here is the headboard.
And here is the desk.
All I had to do was add some white paint and some new knobs, and presto!
The desk also came out looking rather nice!