Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gabe's 8th Birthday

My oldest child turned 8 this weekend. EIGHT. If somebody knows where the last eight years went, please let me know, because they disappeared on me.

In honor of his special day, we threw him a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. We had most of the boys from his class over for cake, ice cream, and general mayhem. Actually, I shouldn't say that. While it was noisy and chaotic, it wasn't nearly so awful as I always think it will be beforehand.

The boys were all very well behaved, and they had a fabulous afternoon!

The boys of second grade/Christ Lutheran School ... except for Brenen and Andrew, who couldn't make it.

Gabe gets ready to open some gifts.

Playing Twister. These guys were really good! Nate had a hard time declaring a winner!

Playing Old West, shoot the can. The winner got a prize.

The boys again.

Blowin' out the candles. Gabe told me later that he wished for a Nintendo DS, which he got from us later than night.

Me with the cake. Boy, I look tired, don't I? Gabe requested a "red velvet cake from scratch." So I came through with it ... even the icing was cream cheese frosting from scratch!

A happy group of cake-eaters!

Being silly, we decided to take a photo of all of them pretending to sleep. I love the kid on the left with his face in his cake. Ah, boys ...

Gabe's new dirt bike, from us. Finally, he has a bike that fits his tall frame!

Rhy hitches a ride by standing on the back wheel. I guess all the kids do this now with their friends ... they build little standing posts into the bikes now!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Growing up so fast!

Today was a momentous day ... by accident.
We were out and about in South Bend -- doing some shopping -- and ran across a mattress sale at a local store. Seeing as how Rhy is already five months older than Ash was when he made the big move to a twin-size bed, we decided to take the bull by the horns and go for it.
Tonight, we set up her new "Big Girl Bed" in her room. Rhy was delighted ... as you can see by the photos.
I'm excited for my girl, but still found my eyes watering as I reached in to pull her from the crib for the last time, feeling her little fingers curl around my neck.
Why do babies have to grow up so quickly?

One last time in the crib. Sniffle!!

A big smile as she tries out the new bed.

I love the look on her face here. It's as if she's thinking ... "Is this how it's done??"

Daddy does the first trial run, "tuck-in." One of the reasons I really love the new bed is that we can get down on her level to smooch her face goodnight ... or even climb into bed with her to give her a cuddle if she wants.

"Mother! Please!!" Such sass!

All snuggled in and ready to go ... complete with rag curls for the next day!

One last goodnight? No, it wasn't the last. As I blog this, she's STILL awake ... staying in bed ... but too excited to sleep in it!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

More Snow Photos

After all, what good is snow if you don't spend a whole day rolling in it like a dog; sledding in it; shoveling it; throwing it at your brother; eating it; smearing it; getting it stuck down your pant legs; getting a face-wash in it; dragging sticks through it and in general ... creating mayhem in a chilly white world where nothing looks quite the way it did without snow.

My boys tried some amateur sledding down a small hill that we created while shoveling out our driveway.

Such fun for brothers!

Roxy with a snowy muzzle.

Just a cool statue in our backyard.

Mr. Gabriel having fun.

Rhy in a hole.

Does anyone sense potential disaster here??? It never actually happened, but the photo makes it look like it might!

I love this photo because they all look so busy.

Look how deep it is on Rhy! I had to blaze a trail just so she could walk across the yard!

Monday, January 04, 2010


This is the snow we came home to last night, after spending a week in St. Louis. WOW.