Friday, February 17, 2006


I have now experienced my first big winter snow storm in Wisconsin -- complete with thunder and lightning and over 1 foot of snow!! The weather was so bad yesterday that I got out my cross country skiis and glided to work! What a way to travel! Everyone was quite surprised to see me walking into the newsroom with a pair of skiis over my shoulder, that's for sure! Gabriel had a ton-o-fun outside today, making "snow pies" out of big mounds of snow. He even took some over to the neighbors house and put it in front of their door! (while mommy wasn't looking, of course!) Asher and I spent the morning inside, watching Gabe through the various windows in our house. Ash was having a good time smiling and cooing at me, as you can see in the photo.
Our dog Roxy doesn't seem to know how to manage the snow. She was in a quandry until Nathan managed to dig out a path to the backyard for her! Today is sunny and bright -- no more snow -- but the piles line the streets like sleeping giants under gleaming white blankets, and the street is still nowhere to be seen! I LOVE Wisconsin in the winter!


C Staude said...

Love this site, Kate! The photos are adorable!

+gmjameson said...

Okay - is that REALLY Ash's smile?? Or did you all photoshop it in??? Leon thinks you put massive sugar servings into his milk to cause him to grin so!

And WOW is that a lot of SNOW! We don't necessarily miss that! We love you!