Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finding joy in "NOOOOO!"

My sweet little baby girl has uttered the dreaded "N" word. I was blissfully going about my day on Monday, when from out of her lips came a defiant "NOOOOOOO!"
Now I'm trying to be positive about this. No doesn't ALWAYS have to be a bad word, right?
"No, I don't want to smoke or do drugs."
"No, I don't want to go out on a date with you."
"No, I don't think my mom is uncool..."
There are a thousand useful ways that she can use this new word. With pushy boyfriends. With a boss who wants to overwork her or friends who want to abuse her generosity. When surfing the home shopping network channel.
Oh God, who am I kidding. Life is going to be pure hell for me now that my little angel can look at me with defiance in her eyes, and instead of nodding yes (Which was all she knew how to do BEFORE her brothers taught her this magical new word...) she can shout out "NOOOOO!"
I guess foot stomping comes next in the girlie list of "Things to know how to do in a temper tantrum."


Anonymous said...

Wait until she's got Nate on her side, wrapped around her little finger ... :)

C Staude said...

You could tell her what I always told you... "don't say no.. say Maybe"... you learned to say Maybe - but it came out "mebbe"! I just said Maybe back at you everytime you said "NOOOOOO". Then we'd laugh and it would be fine!

DawnK said...

Oh-oh. Now you are in trouble! LOL! I still remember a young Emily, climbing into this little chair we had, and saying, "MINE!" I had no doubt she knew what that meant, too. She was between 18 months and 2.

marzi said...

oh we're going through the "no" and "mine" stage right now. something i NEVER heard come out of child #1 so it's all new to me. i can't wait until the terrible twos with this one! ;)

C Staude said...

Just look at that face (photo 1)! I completely forgot to mention how her crazy little grimace made me laugh out loud! (Bad, sadistic grammy!) Can't help it.... I see her at 16 saying, "Puh-LEEZE can I have the car tonight??? PUH-LEEZE!"

Katrina said...

Yeah, that photo is pretty funny. That's how she looks when she's clutching my legs and wailing for what she wants ... which is usually "UP!" But since I don't have the muscle power to carry her EVERYWHERE all day long, she gets mad... I also don't think she was very amused by my camera. LOL!