Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Day in Our Yard

We spent all day today working in our backyard.
It's our first Spring in this house, so it's been really fun watching the perennials pop their heads up and wonder what's going to bloom. Lucky me, I have entire patches of Lily of the Valley, which is one of my most favorite flowers! My whole garden bed in front of the house is a sea of little white bells right now.
Nathan spent the day on the roof, trimming trees. The boys had a blast watching the big branches tumble down two stories to crash on the ground. Roxy was having fits, she was so excited.
Rhylah helped me plant a big batch of perennials that we got over at Aunt Kathy's. I got a bunch of plants, including Day Lilies, regular lilies, mums, coral bells and poor man's Orchids. The really cool thing about these plants is that they all come from my grandmother's farm, and some of those, she got from HER mother ... which makes them fourth generation plants, fifth generation for my kids. Heirloom perennials are SO very cool. It makes the flowers that much more special when they bloom.
Anyway, as I was working, Miss Rhylah had fun poking her head through the lattice in the back garden, which I lovingly think of as our French Quarter garden. It reminds me of something out of New Orleans, all overgrown and crumbly, with the plants pushing against any man-made object as if trying to take over.

Asher and Rhy play peek-a-boo in the lattice of the back garden.

Miss Rhy says hello.

The blooms on our butterfly bush on the side of the house are gorgeous!

Nate trimming the trees!

Sorta timeless in black and white.

Lily of the Valley ... I love these happy little bell-shaped flowers, and they are EVERYWHERE in my yard!


C Staude said...

Pretty pics... I love spring blossoms that surprise us when they pop out!

Cassie said...

Lily of the Valley is my mother's favorite flower. I miss the huge patches of it in front of the Jefferson St. house... :(

DawnK said...

Cute pictures, cute kids and pretty flowers. I love the black and white picture of Rhylah! Lilies of the Valley are pretty, too. My neighbor has a big patch of them.