Friday, June 26, 2009

Beaching it

Here we all are at the beach this morning!

Yes, yes, I know, I haven't blogged in a while! What can I say? When it's summer, there are too many other things grabbing my attention, like the beach, and baseball practice, and sandy kids, and lightning bugs in my garden at dusk and good books to read and ... well, you get the idea!
We discovered Tiscornia Beach, which is much quieter and more private than Silver Beach (the beach the tourists all flock to). We went yesterday and today, and are all tan and sandy to prove it! The kids had a blast! I was ready to be all stressed out with three of them, but they all stayed close and didn't try to swim without me. It was QUITE enjoyable! Asher wore his "magic coat" (life jacket) and it helps that the water is only about 12 inches deep for about 20 feet.
Anyway, we had a ball. Rhy got to chase seagulls, and despite an annoying smear on my camera lense, I got a few nice photos! Check 'em out!

Gabe and Ash work on the logistics of sandcastle building...

Rhylah trots down the beach with a sandy butt, looking for things to put in her bucket.

All three kids try to work on the sand castle.

Rhylah and her best buddy, Abby!

Rhy and Abigail!

The boys work on filling their bucket by our umbrella.

Rhy keeps cool with her sippy in the shallows.

More sippy fun! Ahhhh! So refreshing!

Rhylah stalking sea gulls. (Asher HATES sea gulls and runs screaming from them!)

Asher up close!

Camped out on Tiscornia Beach!

Silly girl!


C Staude said...

Ooooh, what a great looking day! You have some awesome beach buddies there!!

DawnK said...

Looks like you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Love the sandy butt!!

amy7252 said...

Dangit -- I accidentally clicked the anonymous button. :)

nhia said...

Great photos! Your kids are so cute! Too bad your kids and mine were still a bit young to enjoy the beach together on this side of the lake while you were all still here! And man, does your lake water look cleaner than ours! When we went last week, Ella didn't even want to put her feet in the water after seeing all the algae and gunk floating around!

Katrina said...

Yeah, and a few yards down from here, the water was CRYSTAL clear! Right by the pier, it gets kinda gunky. Nhia, you should visit sometime and we can take all the kiddos to the beach! :) Amy, yeah, isn't the sandy butt great? I thought it was hilarious!!

Mrs. T said...

Great pictures. Looks like all our beach pictures. We usually go to Tiscornia, but sometimes Jean Klock...
My Asher does the opposite, he runs toward the seagulls.
Since this week it's supposed to rain, maybe we can try to meet at the beach next week. I'll e-mail Natalie, too.