Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Visit from Friends

We had a visit from some great friends this past weekend ... my high school friend Heather and her adorable daughter Olivia.
We had a fabulous time, and in the process -- I learned a little something about my darling daughter.
She's mortally terrified of carousels.
Yes. You heard me right. Carousels.
What? They're packed with colorful creatures, you say? Ponies and bears and fun-loving porpoises? And they spin in delightful circles and go up and down? What American girl wouldn't love that???
She settled onto the pony okay ... but her cooperation quickly degraded from there. She began to look nervous ... then whimper ... once the thing started actually MOVING, Rhy was practically in hysterics, and quickly put me in a choke hold from which I am still recovering.
Enjoy the photos.

Sippy cup girls in their nighties. Is there anything cuter?

Breakfast on a girls' weekend (the boys were in Milwaukee) includes princess dresses, jewelry, crowns and Dora the Explorer.

Olivia sits on her carousel horse with no problems.

Rhy looks up in abject terror at the thing she is sitting on, as if it is about to explode.

This is blurry, I know, but check out the vulcan deathgrip she has on my neck!!

Heather and Olivia!

The girls have fun tickling each other before bed.

More laughs.

Two cutie pies, who are destined to be buds, whether they like it or not. :)


Katie Ganshert said...

Oh my goodness - those are two ADORABLE little girls! I don't blame your daughter for freaking out on caurosels. Anything that spins and has freaky looking horses on it....yea, that would scare me too!

Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday, Katrina.

I look forward to hearing more about your journey as your agent prepares to submit your stuff. It defintely requires lots of patience!

Take care,

amy7252 said...

Oh my, that first picture of scared Rhylah is priceless! I remember that I was scared of the horses that moved up and down - I only wanted to sit on the ones that were locked in position. Couldn't handle going up and down AND around!!

DawnK said...

What cute pictures. Looks like you all had a great time, except for the carousel. Rhylah does look terrified, poor thing! The princess breakfast looks like fun!

C Staude said...

The breakfast photo is priceless! Those two together are so cute! I can see a long friendship in the making!
(Maybe Olivia can help Rhy with the carousel thing...who knows?)